Monday, April 22, 2013

The strength of investigators and converts

[In Sunny's previous letter to Talon, she wrote:  Alas, I still haven’t been able to write a family letter. We have the Fredericks kids here this weekend while Janae & Enoch escaped for a few days, and I just finished vacuuming the kitchen, hoping I got all the broken glass and no one, especially Jayda, finds a sliver of it in the morning. Of course Dad was at a meeting. Like this morning getting ready for church when poor Cameron lost his balance using the potty, and just as he pulled up his underwear he fell in the used toilet. Dad & I went to Trek training Sat. morning and when we got back, Kyler had thrown up, Ryden had gotten a black eye and a inch cut right next to it, and Aspen sliced her toe open.]

This is what Talon had to say:

 Broken glass, huh? Sounds crazy! And I am glad I'm not alone with my potty balancing trials. For a week here our toilet seat was broken off, but I didnt want to sit on the gross, hard, cold ceramic, so I just placed the broken seat on top and balanced on the slippery ceramic. I have to say that although I never fell in, I did slip once or twice. As for the black eye, throwup, and split toe, I'm glad to say I can't sympathize. Haha, crazy!

You can send me whatever in these emails. It is just gmail. And I'm sending 4 pictures at a time which is the max in the US too.

Hmmm, missionary experiences. We have found one new investigator, but we spend most of our time with solving problems and training and what not. Problems with missionaries, obedience, training ward mission leaders, and even our high council member. Lots of work to do outside of proselyting these past few weeks. We're teaching 3 progressing investigators. Eloy (who was just baptized),
Me, Eloy, and Elder Hernandez

 Abel, who has a date for this coming weekend, and la familia Villarde, who is just a family of baptisms waiting to happen. The first two times we met with them I didn't understand what we were doing because I thought they were members, but we were teaching them the lessons. So they are amazing. Not on date yet, but amazing.

The ward is great, one of the biggest in the stake--probably the biggest. The members are awesome. 90% at least are converts. This past Sunday they had all those who were converts stand up, and I couldn't see anyone besides our investigators who werent standing.

Economic situation is comfortably poor. Dirt poor. Dirt poor because everything is made of dirt, or at least covered in it. But they don't know what they're missing, or at least it doesn't bother them.

The language is great! It's interesting because I think in mostly english, with spanish words where there aren't english ones to describe it, but I can write fine in english (I think...haha), but I can't speak english without having to try not to use spanish. The worst is right now, because I'm writing in english, but I'm talking to my companions in spanish. Hard stuff.

Shoot! Time is up! The internet is slow today, I'll finish this next week. And I have a list of stuff to send next week.


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