Monday, April 22, 2013

More photos

Breakfast of Champions:  Cereal from a bag, in a cut down bottle, with milk from a bag. 
Our Rearranged Bedroom 
Elder Hernandez tinkering around on the piano -- he always asks me if I want to go play the piano, but we get there and I play for 5 minutes and then he gets bored and takes over for 15 while I write in my journal.  ha ha :)

 One of the many advertisements that are planted into the grass on the side of the highway --  so cool!
I wish they did this in the United States.
Just a street...and a flower. 
 Steps, steps, and more steps up to the city.
...and THIS (below) can show you why:
  The mountains are made of houses!

 View of the beach from the mall on the side of the cliff.
View of the city from the beach 
 At the beach
 Elder Bradley
With our 'soccer ball' 
Elder Bradley, Elder McKell, and I on our first day of church 

The church dog, Mango, and his -- uh, best friend! 
Ahh, good dog!
 Eloy with me and Elder Hernandez
Eloy  and his family 
Eloy and Elder Hernandez, right after the baptism
This is an old picture from the MTC I just found :)
This was our teacher, Rachel Curtis....notice all of our llamas -- our ties AND her shirt:)

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