Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More Photos

 A Pic of Me and Elder Pérez Albela writing this letter right now!

Attn: Tsunami Evacuation!
Elder Allasia in the background 

LOTS of stairs in Peru.
These are the bottom half of the old stairway leading down to the beach. 
Halfway up some stairs, with the beach in the background, on the "short side" of the cliff. 
 Me with random statue
Pretty Flower 
 The View from the Cerro (hill) in my new sector (area)!

Ahh yes, and these gems:
Elder McKell, Me, and Elder Bradley on the plane(ita) on our way to West Virginia Charleston Misison (WVCM) 
 Elder Hernandez and I leaving a note in ENGLISH for Elder McKell
Elder McKell and his Inca Cola (aka agua)

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