Photos from West Virginia

Elder McKell, Me, and Elder Bradley on our plane(ita) to WVCM (West Virginia Charleston Mission)
 Mason (from home stake) at the mission home on night #1.

Elder McKell striking a dashing pose.
He is now in Peru.
Probably taking a picture with the same dashing pose.

Mission map of where everyone is from!
Can you find my dot?

 Loading the trailer with all our new missionaries' luggage

The mission home...with Elder Poni (our 18 year old) strolling out.

The houses here are so cool, and the rich places don't have any grass...just plants.
In West Virginia there are hills all over the place!  Like the land was in a washing machine and got all wrinkled or something.

Our mission map.  I think I sent a letter to the family on the back of a mission map that they had us write really quickly from the mission office, is that right?

My "Posterity"
In order of seniority.  The one on the opposite end of me is Elder Maxwell and he is one of the APs right now.  Elder Hawes (my trainer) has got on the red and white checkered tie.

Welcome to Virginia!

The Virginia Welcome Center

Elder Collett (my Zone Leader) who was kind enough to make sure my camera was returned to me... with this picture on it...after it fell out of my pocket in a mission vehicle after going to see Elder Oaks.

Elder Collett once again, talking to us on the phone, holding my camera hostage.

A photo-victim of the camera-hostage situation.
A Chart in the Zone Leaders' apartment.

My bed and a desk in our bedroom that I claimed for Peru.

My color-coordinated closet.
Didn't take long, as you can see.

Yes, that is a punching bag in the living room.

My desk where I study.  And where I see all my wonderful pictures!
Send more!  Send more!

Kitchen & Dining Room
You don't want a close up of the kitchen...

The Three Lynchburg Companionships:
Elder Moore, Mark Bogges, Austin Hawes, Dallin Solomon, Talon Hicken, Nefi Henderson

Elder Hawes and I, just before I walk out the door for the last time.

 This is a family that I came pretty close to while here.  The Mom's last name is Tolley, though I don't know the rest of theirs.  They are all recent converts except the daughter, who claims she isn't interested right now.

And once again, have I mentioned that the houses in Virginia are gorgeous?  This is just a random "so-so" one on the way out of our area because I didn't have time to go to the nice part of town with the REALLY cool houses. 

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