Photos From Peru, month 6-12

Sent 8-12-2013
Here are some fotos -- I'll explain later

Sent 8-19-2013
 Elder Whitton and me

Elder Eklof and I eating the Manjar Blanco (dulce de leche) that Elder Gaete left behind.
mi papá latino E´Hernandez. He dies this transfer!

Me serving Kenji. He is a professional chef that I am going to fly back to the states to start a 6 star restauraunt.

El directorio. My never ending project for this ward.

the difference between a estadosunidencia [United States-ian] y peruana [Peruvian] agenda

I´m progressing in my reading!

  On August 21, 2013 we had a visit from Quentin L. Cook.  He came and spoke with our missionaries and left us with a beautiful blessing.  When an authority comes to Lima for a visit, the members work for weeks getting the chapels ready,  painting the building, cleaning, working on the grounds, planning everything to be just perfect.  The day of the meeting they put beautiful flower arrangements everywhere.  When everything is ready, a quiet excitement builds until the visiting authority finally arrives.  We took this group picture.  We couldn't get everyone in one picture so this group is sitting on the left side and...
...this is the other half of the group.  President and Sister Borg, Elder Cook and his wife,  Elder C. Scott Grow and his wife and most important of all OUR MISSIONARIES!
Sent Sept 2, 2013
My Companions, Elder Walstrohm and Elder Witton

Baptism Pic with Edith

Elder Witton and the security guard's box

E´Sagostume and I. Lo maximo, él... (my old ZL that left two changes ago)

Sent Sept 10, 2013
All of us in the bus on the way to Cañete:
 E´Claros, E´Thorup, E´Isaguirre, E´Oroscco (I think?), E´Reed. 
Next row, E´Condori, E´Leon, the isle, E´Walstrohm (behind my head), E´Whitton. 
Next row, E´Burgos (not pictured), E´Warren, me, E´Urrutia.


A cheap lunch in an expensive restauraunt. 
We ordered portions of everything instead of ordering a main dish, then went to the market and bought palta and bananas. It was soooo good. I have a better picutre on another elder´s camera... for me, portion of rice+portion of yuca+portion of salad+avocado+banana=an amazing lunch for only 14 soles! (the cheapest main dish, chicken and rice, was 16 soles)
Breakfast this morning! 
I made one of the boxes of Mac and Cheese, but I couldn´t resist experimenting, 
so I made it Mac´n´cheese a lo peruano. Yum.

Sent September 23, 2013

"Sometimes God needs to chastize His servants the Missionaries" - Elder Whitton

...with captions to come hopefully next week (?) ...

or make up your own...that can be really fun.
Such as these that I, Kerri, cam up with...
 "Tracting all day...Must escape the stinky feet"
"Our new apartment"
 "So much for No Food in the Library"
 "Feed the Birds, Toppins a bag..."
 "So, if I touch the pole here, I'll be translated?...riiight."
 "Olive...the other reidneer"
(I wish we could zoom in to see that dog!)
 "It's not caffeinated, I swear!"
 Preaching the gospel to all creatures of our God and King
 (I got this a volcano shot?)
 "I'll trade you a sandwich for that camera!"
 "YES!  I way out (notice the Salida sign).  These little people have been keeping us for days (notice the kid clutching his leg)"
 "Just a friendly game of rock, paper, scissors"
 "The Peruvian solution to Road Rage...use your inside voice"
"Studying Lehi's dream"
 "It's called Petro there a reason it's so vacant?"
 "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe"
 "So Booth was standing where?"
 "My closest thing to Peanut Butter"
"Excuse Me, Excuse Me, Excuse Me, WILL YOU LET ME OUT OF HERE!"
"I found this letter, signed with my name and everything.  What a coincidence."

...or something like that.


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