Monday, April 15, 2013

A Photo Tour of my Peruvian Living Quarters and the Temple Trip

Awww. Home Sweet Home in Perú.  Here is our living space.  We're grateful that the microwave in our kitchen is strong enough to hold up our closet :)
I get the bottom bunk :)
Our desks.  Mine is a la izquierda (on the left)
 That's better.  My desk -- My Style
 Our sparkling bathroom -- notice the electric showerhead that is SUPPOSED to warm the water...which is broken.
View from outside our bathroom window
Same view, but zoomed in ... notice the little houses all up the side of the hill
The soccer field we pass on the way to the church building

And we got to visit the temple this week!
 A view from across the street.
Sorry about the telephone wires.
We wanted to take them down, but the white handbook said no.
(Glad he's obedient!) 
 Me outside the temple entrance
Elder Hernandez and me

 As the sun goes down

 Sporting the Peruvian Flag at the Temple
 Loving it!
 And bringing a little bit of home -- the Colorado flag -- here to the Peru temple

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