Monday, April 15, 2013

Hola de Perú: Slowly weening INto caffiene ;)

Finally! Getting a letter out! It may be short, but at least it´s here! Is it just me or does it seem like forever since the last one.

Speaking of feeling like forever, I feel like I´ve been here for a month. Probably because so much is new, but so much is the same.

Hmmmm, what would you like to know. 

Spanish is great. I´m learning enough every day that I can tell I´m progressing each day individually. I had an exchange with another greenie, though native, this past week, and that was great. I recited the first vision for the first time with him. Elder Allasia.

The food is heaven. Though I did have to eat fish on the exchange. And I think we also had dog in that same meal.  And I had tomatoes yesterday for Elder Hernandez´s birthday. And they eat everything you can swallow. But not everything I can swallow. They also don´t have sanitary water, so everyone drinks either chicha, which is basically a tea, sometimes made from corn, sometimes from barley (which tastes like what beer smells like, which is weird) or Inca Cola or Cocacola. Unfortunately, that means that the no-caffine rule is kinda shot. Not that it´s a rule, but...I try to stay away from it, but everyone we eat with thinks I have something wrong with me.

Well that´s all for today folks! Come back next time for another great update from your Elder in Lima Central! (bit by bit I´ll be getting more and more time to write these as I get more practice and become more accustomed to the flow of things)

I love all of you!

-Elder Hicken

PS...My family asked if I missed American food, and if I could get things, like Peanut Butter...and well, Ive been told that we can get everything American if we look hard enough. Ive had KFC and Pizza Hut and BK already. But we dont really go to the stores very often because there are tienditas every half block. Im the only that calls them tienditas, I dont know why. Probably because their supermercado is an Americans local grocery shop. What I really miss is honey, because its a little expensive here, and nobody really uses it. Its like trying to quit smoking.

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