Monday, May 26, 2014

Todo está bien aquí en Precursores!

Here´s what I wrote to the President!

We´re making a difference with the district leaders. I feel very good about their progress and they feel secure as leaders. Elder Chatwin has become our new powerhouse with 6 investigators on date. Elder Viñoles has progressed from feeling incapable to feeling comfortable and in the Lord´s hands. Elder Coloma is still in a little bit of shock from recieving his farewell packet.

Thank you very much for the laugh in the multi-zona! The skits were a hit! My companion sure loved them, and reenacts them for me during the day to keep our spirits high.

We are asking a new key indicator this change to increase new investigators through sharing the Book of Mormon! The multi-zona was perfect! Now I´m going to work more on family history with E´Vazquez. This week I want to request the patriarcal blessings of some of my ancestors who have inspired me with their histories.
awesome -- our Spanish book teaches texting language!

Love, Elder Hicken

Hurrah for Israel!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hola no mas!

This week has been tough, but it always it with a new companion. I am experiencing a new feeling--although Elder Vazquez and I have our discrepencies, I know he loves me, and wants the best for me. Maybe it´s just me he worries about, but he makes sure I´m happy. I honestly don´t know why he does it, but he is exremely patient with me and willing to adapt to my work habits. 

This week we are looking forward to doing some work visits with the assistents! As well as multi-zonas! Elder Thorsen (Elder Castro´s new companion, the other assistent) called me today and asked to sing with me! We´re going to practice twice and then go for it. Sister Heiner (a sister missionary from Wyoming in my ward) is going to play the piano. Can you believe that in the whole mission there are only a handful of missionaries that play the piano? 5 or 6! Out of more than 200!

We are doing our best to magnify our district leaders and help them raise the bar! They´re wonderful and they are rising to the occasion. I love them for their efforts, and I love that I love them! It´s incredible what can happen when the work of salvation becomes a work of love.

This week we went with the Isasi family to do their paperwork in the municipal office. The day before I spent the whole day praying that there would be a member there working that could help us. When we got there, we felt as lost as ever and didn´t know what to do-I in particular. After searching for someone who could help us or tell us where to start, a worker called us over, calling: Elders! A hot feeling of relief rushed into my heart and we explained exactly what we needed to do. After redoing everything we had done in the previous month, but new and improved without error, she explained exactly what we had to do next, wrote letters to the other offices we needed to go to so that they would treat us like kings, and got the judge to sign papers without the traditional ´it ought to take longer than to just scribble your name´ wait cue. What a miracle! I spent quite a bit of time giving thanks to God for such a miraculous blessing.

I don´t remember exactly how the newsies theme song goes, but I remember the first two lines. If it seems mission appropriate to you, could you send me the mp3?

Yo sé que las oraciones se contestan con la misma fe que se producen. Amo a la obra y a las personas que pertenecen a ella. Cada atributo que nos falta sera probada y amo a Dios por los desafíos que me manda. Especialmente por el tiempo que me brinda.

[I know that prayers are answered with the same faith that they are produced. I love the work and the people pertaining to it. Each of our weaknesses will be tried and I love God for the trials that He sends me. Especially for the time he offers me.]

Love, Elder Hicken

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hola del Dia de la Madre

[From Brent]: It was great to talk with Talon yesterday for Mother's Day.  His companion was transferred to become an assistant to the president so Elder Vazquez is his new companion.

Hola Presidente!

Talking to the family was amazing. It made me realize how fast we progress in the mission. We´re getting closer and closer to our Heavenly Father at a breakneck speed. When I get back home, I´ll have a deadweight much greater, which will act like firewood in the back of my truck. It´s incredible how perfect God´s plan is. Rodrigo, our recent convert, always testifies that God´s plan is perfect.

Elder Vazquez is wonderful. He knows so much about how to work with a stake. It must be so hard to him to having experienced something like the Celestial Kindgom , but we´re looking for the light, as now we know who the stake president is, and this week we look forward to contacting him and starting a relationship between the stake and the missionary force.

I am a little bit worried about the zone missing Elder Castro. He was such a great leader, and loved serving each and every member of the zone. I know I can´t fill his gap, though I don´t believe the Lord expects me to either. I will do my best to keep the zone excited and hardworking as they set high goals and strive to acheive them.

We plan to work to prepare our district leaders for anything the Lord has prepared for them. We will do our best to use our time wisely to be able to effectively magnify them in their callings.

It´s incredible to watch prayers be answered the week of transfers!

I shared my testimony yesterday! But I´ll send a long one next week!

Love, Elder Hicken

Monday, May 5, 2014

Hola de Los Cambios

Todo está bien aqui en Precursores!

It´s been a wonderful change here, and I´m excited to subject myself to the will of the Lord in this next change. Whether it´s with E´Castro or not, I know that I, as well as barrio precursores and this sector are in the hands of the Good Shepherd.

We have a goal of 8 baptisms this week! We are super excited as zone leaders, and we are going to communicate that excitement to the zone this wednesday in our Zone Meeting. We have planned to immitate the Mission Council meeting to effectively communicate ´la vista´. We plan to also teach about how la obra de salvación es una obra de amor, and how important it is to help less actives with the commitments!

We´ve made a few plans with our stake representative over missionarywork and we are excited to work more closely with much more communication these coming months. Dad, do you have any tips or suggestions in regards to working with the stake?

Sé me asombro el deseo de uno que nunca havia sido rechazado por su religión por compartir su testimonio con so amigo. Sé qu la fe ey el conocimiento espiritual tajaban en contra del temor. Sé que un testimonio de un hijo de Dios que haya experimentado un principio del evangelio recibe poder del espíritu santo que hacve que las cosas grandes y maravillosas en si sean simples hasta un niño lo puede entender. Se que por la expiación nosotros como herramientas o instrumentos impoerfectos dios se nos use perfectamente. 

[What amazes me is how people who haven't been rejected for their religion have such a desire to share their testimony with their friends. I know that faith and spiritual knowledge work against fear. I know that a testimony of a child of God who has experimented upon a gospel principle receives strength from the Holy Ghost, through whom great and marvelous things are made simple that even a child can understand. I know that through the atonement we are like imperfect tools and instruments that God uses perfectly.]

Por la oracion (2N32.9), el perdon, y el arrepentimiento podemos aprender perfectamente de nuestras imperfecciones. Sé que el autocontrol que ganamos por el ayuno nos ayuda acercarnos al reino de Dios. Së que Dios contesta las oraciones dichas y desdichas en los momento de cambio. Los siervos de Dios lleven su poder al salr de su ´propia tierra´. Sé que dios nos trata segun nuestros deseos y intenciones. Si tenemos puros deseos tendremos puros exitos. Por la expiacion podemos refinar dichos deseos y llegar a ser mas espiritual. Sé que el señor requiera un corazon cambiado y espiritu contrito porque es imposible perseverar hasta el fin sin los dos. 

[Through prayer (2Nephi 32:9), forgiveness, and repentance, we can come to a perfect knowledge of our imperfections. I know that the self control that we gain by fasting helps us to come closer to the kingdom of God. I know that God answers spoken and unspoken prayers in times of change. The servants of God carry his power upon leaving his "own land." I know that God tries us according to our desires and intentions. If we have pure desires we will have complete success. Through the atonement, we can refine these desires and become more spiritual. I know that the Lord requires a broken heart and a contrite spirit, because it is impossible to endure to the end without both.]

Sé que Dios es un Dios de preparación perfecto, pero ya que no nos preperamos perfectamente, el tiene un plan de misericordia que nos permite recibir según nuestros deseos y no segun nuestras imperfecciones. Sé que es esencial formar una roca de un testimonio para edificar un fuerte servicio missional. Sé que nada hay que puede reemplacer las bendiciones de firmes cimientos de nada nos sierve ser condenados por conocimiento de los misterios si nos falta aplicar los principios. Sé que al ser obediente por razones equicocados, perdemos bendiciones. Al ser manso y humilde como el salvador, podemos recibir un gozo real al servir con todo nuestro corazon alma mente y fuerza. 

 [I know that God is a God of perfect preparation, but since we can't prepare ourselves perfectly, He has a plan of mercy that permits us to receive according to our desires and not according to our imperfections. I know that it is essential to form a rock of a testimony in order to build strong missionary service. I know that there is nothing that can replace the blessings of having a firm foundation. Knowing the mysteries doesn't do us any good if we fail to apply the principles. I know that when we are obedient for the wrong reasons, we lose blessings. When we are meek and humble like the Savior, we can receive a fullness of joy upon serving with all our heart, might, mind, and strength.]

Sé que al dejar a un lado cualquier norma, reponsabilidad o caristeristica de nuestro oficio, perdemos una parte correspondiente de nuestro apartamiento. Sé que la obra del señor tiene su propia forma debida. Sus palabras no son las nuestras y sus pensamiento tampoco, sino nuestra doctrina es su doctrina, nuestras palabras son sus palabras, nuestras acciones son sus acciones, y nuestras voces son su voz. Sé que no es solo es importante escuchar por el voz del espiritu y seguirlo sino tambien serlo y esforzar producir las mismos frutos. 

[I know that shirk whatever norm, responsibility, or characteristic of our duty, we lose a corresponding part of our... I know that the work of the Lord has its own proper form. His words are not ours and neither His thoughts, rather our doctrine is His doctrine, our words His words, our actions His actions, and our voice His voice. I know that not only is it important to listen for the voice of the Spirit and follow it, but also to live it and try to bring forth the same fruits.]

Se que la seperacion del pecado o apartamiento del mundo facilita el progreso espiritual mientras estemos en este apartamiento cada cosa mundial nos roba de dicho facilitimiento. Sé que la oracion y es espiritu de oracion son esenciales para el apredizaje particularmente la aprendizaje espiritual. Sé que para perseverar hasta el fin, debemos mirar adelante hacia Crist, asegurando cada dia que malana seremos feiles. Sé que no somos perfectos y que por la expiacion podemos recibir un perdon por nuestros errores pero me encanta saber que gracia a la expiacion podemos perdonar perfectamente a los que nos ofendan. Sé que el don del espiritu santo es un gran privilegio y un tierno misericordia del senor al esforzar siempre tenerlo, seremos guiado a la perfecion. 

[I know that the separation from sin or setting ourselves apart from the world facilitates spiritual progress.  When we are in this calling, every wordly thing robs us of this help.  I know that prayer and the spirit of prayer are essential to learning, particularly spiritual learning.  I know that to endure to the end, we must look forward to Christ, making sure every day that we are remaining faithful.  I know that we are not perfect and that only through the atonement we will receive forgiveness for our mistakes, but I love knowing that because of the grace that comes because of the atonement we can perfectly forgive those that offend us.  I know the gift of the Holy Ghost is a great privilege and a tender mercy of the Lord to always strive to have with us, guiding us to perfection.]

Sé y agradezco el papel del espiritu santo en hacernos comprender nuestros testimonios y poder aplicarnoslas y ayudar a los demas comprender. Sé que el nuevo y sempiterno convenio que es el evangelio es infinito y no cambia.  Es seguro y recto en un sentido verídico y eterno., Amo a mi dios pr tenerlo y a mi salvado por poder seguirlo. Y al Espíritu santo por lo pequena parte que tengo esperanza de comprender. Se que cuando submitimos nuestro voluntad al sepr aumentael poder de nuestra autoridad, aun cuando nuestros deseos y sus sesuos sean lo mismo.Se que Dios es con ciente de nuestros esfuerzoz y de vez en cuando nos regala un milagro. Podemos verlo para descansar sin quearnos Peisagado o como un boos para salir adelante.

[I know and am grateful for the role of the Holy Ghost in helping us understand our testimonies, apply them, and help others to understand them. I know that the new and everlasting covenant that is the gospel is infinite and doesn’t change.  It is sure and straight in a true and eternal sense.  I love God for having Him and I love my Savior that I can follow Him.  And the Holy Ghost for even the smallest part that I can hope to understand.  I know that when we submit our will to the Lord's, He increases our own authority, even when our desires and His are the same.  I know that God is aware of our efforts and every now and then offers us a miracle.    ...]

Lo siento, es escrito muy rapido y tiene muchos errores, pero es la verdad!

[I'm sorry,  I wrote this very fast and it has lots of mistakes, but it's all true!]

Les amo mucho!

Love, Elder Hicken