February 2014

February 2014
I got my toe-nail fixed...wierdest feelings of my entire life.  Nervous, but I didn't know it.  Almost fainted.
This is Dedo -- the Toe-head, Smear-face, Sweater man.

Torre de Harina!
[Flour Wars]
Jennifer Digna Moran Reyes -- nose fishing into the flour
Antonio Reces a La Conte
Su esposa Olina Pantoja
Milton Moran (A Las Justas)
Elder Pinedo

El Maggi Indio -- a game we played for FHY -- I'll teach you when I get back
John Mulhern -- Finally -- something OTHER than a Spiderweb design!

Flat tree + Flowers + Seed Pod (I stole a pod)

Just like the va outside John Mulhern's house

Wet neighbors for 'Carnival'

Ex-Elder Victor Sejas & Elder Pinedo

A lesson for our ward mission leader

My invented cuff links for the shirt the Orbegozo family gave me.

Lesson for Ward Missionaries

Fried Spinach Sandwich

Leche de Tigre!  AKA Ceviche Flavoring. Good Stuff!
Chicuaron de Pescado: Fish Sticks
Juan Calani - a project left unfinished.  I'll miss him!
La Famlia Orgegozo
Me, Lucho, Jessica Reyes, Elder Pinedo, Attew, Janice

Valentines Day!
Ghetto Chandelier en Norry's
Clean up time!

Elder Castro sliced his hand open helping the Isasi family. 
 He got 10 stitches.
 While he was in the hospital he taught 7 lessons to doctors, nurses, and people waiting to be helped in the emergency room. (he waited for 1 1/2 hours to be helped)
 He is recovering very well, and the hardest part is keeping him from overexerting. 

 He is teaching me more than I could realize, and is helping me to see my strengths, more than anything, which builds my faith. We are as united as two teenage boys endowed with power from on high can be. We work like friends, because we are. We laugh when it´s time to laugh, and we work when it´s time to work. Elder Castro has taught me how to work with goals in the mission. I always thought the point of a goal was to reach it. Now I understand that the point of a goal is to increase product. We are improving every day, and learning even more. I am truly grateful for the Lord´s hand in my life these past weeks.

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