December 2013

 Elder Pinedo and me in the Cangalaya Home

Elder Pinedo asleep as I redo the whiteboard

Elder Pinedo "driving" the Reyes's car to its parking spot while we push

Every good ward has a good Christmas party.
And every good Christmas party has a good Nativity Pageant.
And after every Nativity Pageant, the missionaries get permission to get a little goofy with skits of their own...

Ward Christmas Pageant
Put on by the Primary while I read Luke 2.  Victor Sejas was the director.



Jaime Reyes, Jose Moro, Jenny Reyes, Antonio Reyes

Jessica Reyes de Dabegozo

A very welcome taste of home, 
watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Our Missionary Christmas Skits

Getting ready:  "A Haircut for President Borg" -- Courtesy of Elder Gomez
(He was a barber before coming on his mission)

Elder Hernandez and Elder Torres look on.

And it's show time!
(A LOT of pictures!  Maybe if we printed them out and flipped through the quickly it would look animated, as if we were all really there to see it.  I'm sure Talon can fill us in on the story line when we see him again --Kerri!)

Skit # 2:  Elder Condori y Los Flores
"Me Robaron"
["They Robbed Me"]

Los Pitufos [Smurfs] de PLC [Peru Lima Central]

Skit from the Office:
"Head Music"
 (ahem...See President Borg's hair --top left-- Looks like we got the look just right for our skit!)

"Bus Ride"

My Birthday!
 "Happy Birthday" from Elder Bunt
 "Happy Birthday" from Grandma and Grandpa Hicken

"Happy Birthday" from H. Brasta
Opening Peter and Annette's Package!

 Opening a letter from Elder Erlof

Reyes Family
Miriam, Aaron, Grima (?), Mattew (Orisegoto), Jair (Moran)

Jenny, Mattew, Grima, Allison
 "Feliz Cumpleanos!"
Singing Happy Birthday -- Hermana Reyes

(Jennifer Digna in Background)

 Elder Pinedo, me, Miriam, Janice O.
Olinda, Jaime, Grima, Mattew O, Jenny, Jennifer M, Ariana
 Elder Pinedo
Mattew Orbegoto leaves for Trujillo in a few months

Oh, THIS was awesome:

Elder Gomez and I found money in my drawer! ...
 ...and we used it to buy PIZZA ...
...for the whole district for my birthday!
Elder Torres, Elder Hernandez, Me, Elder Gomez, Elder Pinedo, Elder Fernandez

An Alfajor Cake for My Birthday

More Out and About
 Merry Christmas!

 Chicken Foot Soup

 Elder Pinedo & Chicken Pox Face = '50 Cent'

 '50 Cent' en MotoTaxi

 Banana & Crushed Peanuts
 Escaveche de Pollo con Sweet Potato
En Callao (Nuestro Sector) [Our Area]

 En la Cachina (Like DI, Goodwill, or Savers)

Elder Pinedo's Triple
[Joy is the best pleasure of life...Live Joyfully!]

New Year's Lunch at Rosa Armijo de Cangalaya

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