Nov 2014

Here is a picture of our ward activity earlier today! Mistura! Basically a potluck. I´m still full!
 Nov 8, 2014

My companion being all executive in a chifa (bien pituca éste chifa-estamos en san isidro) (Chinese Restaurant) it has huge fish tanks in the stairway.

My tastes have changed a bit in the mission. And by a bit I mean a TON. I eat one jalapeño with each piece of pizza. I´m ok with peaches, fish, pig foot, intestines... But I still can´t stomach tomatoes.

Sent Nov 15, 2014:
The North mission office and us with the tour guides (who took us to Papa John´s after playing football)

THE BEACH!  Don't ask me how hard it was to not go swimming.

Elder Casanova and I in our OneSight shirts after the eye health campaign these past two weeks.

Thank you so much to the Kansas Steimles who sent me a GREAT package!  I forgot what it felt like to have new socks! What a great feeling. 

Other November Highlights and lowlights...

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