Photos from First 6 months in Peru

 Here you have it:  The first photos from Peru!

Remember these guys from my MTC district? 
Elder Bradley, Elder McKell, and Me
This is the first day back together at church on Saturday for General Conference (4-6-13)

 Elder Bradley in the AP's apartment on the first morning

Now it's my turn to pose -- the morning view from the AP's apartment on our first morning there.
 Elder Bradley's companion, Elder Cuttiani, el otro líder de zona.
 With our companions:
Elder Hernandez y yo, Elder Bradley y Elder Cuttiani
Of course, we had to include Elder Mckell!
These are the zone leaders and the "nuevos" at zone training.

Awww. Home Sweet Home in Perú.   
Here is our living space.  We're grateful that the microwave in our kitchen is strong enough to hold up our closet :)
I get the bottom bunk :)
Our desks.  Mine is a la izquierda (on the left)
 That's better.  My desk -- My Style
 Our sparkling bathroom -- notice the electric showerhead that is SUPPOSED to warm the water...which is broken.

Breakfast of Champions:  Cereal from a bag, in a cut down bottle, with milk from a bag. 
Our Rearranged Bedroom

 Elder Hernandez and I leaving a note in ENGLISH for Elder McKell

A Room with a Peruvian View
View from outside our bathroom window
Same view, but zoomed in ... notice the little houses all up the side of the hill
The soccer field we pass on the way to the church building

And we got to visit the temple this week!
 A view from across the street.
Sorry about the telephone wires.
We wanted to take them down, but the white handbook said no.
(Glad he's obedient!) 
 Me outside the temple entrance
Elder Hernandez and me

 As the sun goes down

 Sporting the Peruvian Flag at the Temple
 Loving it!
 And bringing a little bit of home -- the Colorado flag -- here to the Peru temple

Just Me, Peru, and my Camera
(and my companions, too, of course)

 One of the many advertisements that are planted into the grass on the side of the highway --  so cool!
I wish they did this in the United States.
Just a street...and a flower.

Ahh...Pretty Flower 
 Steps, steps, and more steps up to the city.
...and THIS (below) can show you why:
  The mountains are made of houses!

LOTS of stairs in Peru.
These are the bottom half of the old stairway leading down to the beach. 
Halfway up some stairs, with the beach in the background, on the "short side" of the cliff. 
 View of the beach from the mall on the side of the cliff.
View of the city from the beach 
 At the beach
 Elder Bradley
With our 'soccer ball'

Attn: Tsunami Evacuation!
Elder Allasia in the background 

 Me with random statue

 The View from the Cerro (hill) in my new sector (area)!

Elder McKell and his Inca Cola (aka agua)

And Back To Why I'm Here

Elder Bradley, Elder McKell, and I on our first day of church 

The church dog, Mango, and his -- uh, best friend! 
Ahh, good dog!

Elder Hernandez tinkering around on the piano -- he always asks me if I want to go play the piano, but we get there and I play for 5 minutes and then he gets bored and takes over for 15 while I write in my journal.  ha ha :)
 Eloy with me and Elder Hernandez
Eloy  and his family 
Eloy and Elder Hernandez, right after the baptism

 A Pic of Me and Elder Pérez Albela writing this letter right now!

 Me in front of a huge Cathedral in downtown Lima.  The Plaza is called Ovalo Gutierrez.  I'm not sure what the statue is in the back.

 Breakfast!  Fruit Salad!  Mine doesn't have papaya because I can't stand it!

Elder Perez Albea's birthday.  It's tradition here to smash eggs in their hand when it's their birthday.  The Zone Leaders did it to Elder P.A.  and he said it's the first time that's happened since middle school :)
Some kids playing in the park in front of our dorm.  I thought it was  a sweet picture, which I took incognito.

La familiar Villarde:  our golden family that just neeeeeeeds to get baptized ASAP. 

La familia Molina:  first counselor in the bishopric.

Waiting in a HUGE line to get our Peruvian IDs.

 What is this?
What IS this?
“Granadia! It’s soooo good. It’s a fruit. I’m bringing some home.”

 Plaza de Armas with a waitress outside of a restaurant
 Us with Mauricio, the 12 year old kid in our investigator family
 I FOUND the fruit!  We have them at our churches!

Hola de Las Flores!

Well here are a few pictures for you! Pictures are worth a thousand words!

 Sent 5-27-13

Last week at Matucana, Peru with Elder Perez Albela

 There was some sort of presentation that we walked in on in the square, and we asked some people to take pictures with us, here is one of my favorites
museo del congresso y de la inquisision
In the square in front of congress!

Elder and Sister Anderson at zone conference 

Sent 6-3-2013

Caricature of Elder Perez Albela and I

Dinner at a Member's House who is a high class Chef!
I want to bring him back with me to start a Peruvian restaurant in Provo!

Brandon Palomino and Daniel Melendez, two members

Service Project at Hermana Betty's!

Sent 6-10-2013

Baptism of Hermana Silvia

Hemana Silvia and Jeffer, Elder Perez Albela and I 

 Hermana Silvia and Jeffer

 Lunch with Stake President, Presidente Manuel De La Cruz

In the bus or taxi or something, from a long time ago.
Elder Obeso, Gutierrez, Eklof, Me, Lopez (then my District Leader), and Perez Albela 

The wall says KAI !!

Elder Fankhouser ate too much!

Contacting Practice

Sent July 1, 2013

Running with Elder Eklof

Still running!

Happy Birthday, Kai!

My Zone!

  Sent July 8, 2013

We bought Zone Jerseys!

Billboards here are just great!
This one is for John Mulhern.
I don´t really know how to explain it, but please, pasa la voz por favor.
[looks creepier to me...uh, crepier, I guess]

 A member that always comes with us to investigators, who we buy fruit from all the time-Roberto

Scout and I. His name is scout because he sits at the very end of a dead end and watches over the neighborhood with ears as sharp as razors, and when a stranger comes in he runs off to go investigate. He always comes to me when I whistle to him. My fingers are black because I pet the dogs, who get super dirty super quick because the air is so poluted. Gross, but worth it for all the friends I have! 
Elder Gaete, Elder Sagostume, and Elder Gomez
made me think of Grandpa Steimle, so I took the picture
 in chorillos! (with the granny-bikes)

climbing up to the Cristus with the bike

Sent 7-15-13

The bag exploded...
This is what I eat every morning for breakfast.
With Yogurt.

 Any guesses?
It's tasty, but I can't stand more than a few.

 They were filming a music video outside our dorm room...interesting!

Mission Map before the change!

Sent 7-22-2013

Ashley, before her baptism.
Yes, before her baptism which is why she isn't smiling yet.
Just Kidding.

That's the path??
Yep, that's the path!

Object lesson in District Meeting
[can you guess the object lesson?]

New cover photo for FaceBook!

It's my trainer's last exchange.
I won't see him until I go to Santiago!

Sent 8-5-2013

Pizza Raul´s with E´ Gaete, E´ Claros, and E´ Eklof! 
Yes, we ordered 9 I did not drink the Coke.

Daniel Ricse Aguilar and his family work with wood, 
and we sanded doorframes for 2 hours.

Sergio Llosa Fae is the son of our pensionista, and he cockfights. 
Check out my rooster.

Roberto Fernandez is the bomb. 
He used to go out with us almost every other day, 
but now that he works 8 hours a day, we just go out on Sunday. 
One of the coolest future elders ever.

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