November 2013

New Pictures sent in November 2013.  Not all have captions, but I will add details as Talon sends them.

 Graffiti in my Sector -- she's got a name tag!

 "Miss You" for Elder Erlof with Manchos

Pucusana:  place.  Small fishing town on coast of Peru, an hour south of Lima.
 In Pucusana...A Picture to use for a piece of digital art that I thought of at the beginning of my mission

Is the water supposed to be up on the street? Is it supposed to be this cold?

Boat in Hand!
"Its coastal location makes it home to several unique species of birds, dolphins, and other marine animals." -- Wikipedia.
Duh...check out these pictures!

Sergid and Daisy Plazire Cod...(sp?)

Ismael, the son of a less active.  Calls us "Tios" [Uncles]

He always wanted this:
"Dame Vuelta!"
He and his sister Isabela came up with this new game:  They wrapped me up in the jump rope and then pulled it, spinning me like a top.  Fun Stuff...
...Until I got tired.  OK, now' it's their turn.
Ismael and Isabela with her sprayer to "make it rain"
Pocket and Pocketa! at Hermana Dorothy Fae.
Pocket is Albino, and Renegon...
Maria Fernanda (Mafer) with a cat that Karen--an investigator in the Cerro--was giving away, so I took it and gave it to Sergio, Carlos Llosa, Me with Pocket, Elder Walstrom, a neighbor, Sergio with Pocketa, Hermana Dorothy, Carlos's Mom
Check out that Roof!
Hermano John, Johncito, John Manolo Malpartida Poregary(sp?)
Hermano Lennin Franco
Hermano Henry Mendoza, the bishop's brtoher in law, Super Happy Guy!
Familia Franco
Jeffrey, Kristell, Milusua, Hermano Franco, Me, Elder Walstrom
Familia Pezo 
Elder Walstron, Papa Pezo, Me, Andre, Adriano Pezo, Blanca Pezo
Andre, a Someday Missionary
Elder Whitton and Me -- it's time for bed.
Elder ? and Elder Oscco
Elder Warren
Elder Whitton wearing my tie I gave him, with Elder Walstrom
This is what I get for not being more specifc when asking Elder Whitton to take me a picture.
I'm wearing my Broncos tie that Elder Whitton gave me.
Me with Elder Warren

Tie Changers!
My district:  Elder Jardin Silvestre!
Elder Burgos, Me, Elder Warren, Elder Walstrom
Me and Elder Warren
Elder Claros and Me
Me and Elder Condori -- he followed me from Agustino and was my District Leader 
I've got my LDM (Libro de Mormon) because Elder Whitton taught me to always walk "Book in Hand"
Me with Elder Walstrom

Elder Pinedo

Our new area:  Callao!

 Welcome to Callo!
 Star Wars Grafiti?
 Dominicos -- just a random pic
The first Baptist church I've seen in Peru
 Welcome to Callao!
Welcome to Callao! 
S.M.P. Cada dia Mejor
"Somos Mormones Power!" (Better Every Day)
 Callao Crew!
 Me encantan las flores! [I love the flowers!]
 Starter Home
 "El Muro Verde" -- verde here means green, or turquoise, or blue apparently

 Our New Apartment that was most recently a Sisters' Apartment

 The Park out Back

Hmmmm....Efficient was to display inefficient information 
Our Beds
 My Birthday Bread
 The Sisters left the hearts behind
 The kitchen
 Front Room
 More evidence of Sister Missionaries
 Elder Munoz and Elder Velasquez, the Zone Leaders
 Me and Elder Pinedo
 Elder Pinedo and "Chetes" (Briset Reyes), our Pensionista's [landloard]'s daughter
 Alberto Corantes, Elder Munoz, Elder Velasquez, Olinda Reyes
 A Newly Hatched Dove (or 2)
 Proselyting with Alberto
 Elder Munoz, Elder Velasquez, Alberto, Elder Pinedo, and Me, 
 First Christmas lights in Peru!

P-Day!  With a Ref?  Elder Jenson (Ref), Elder Obeso, Elder Avalos, Jason, Elder Munoz, Elder Pinedo, Elder Inga, Elder Romatnioz (sp?)  
Foto with the Crazy Ref 

My FAVORITE Alfajores!

 Red Box with bifocals
 Lunch Time!
 Moto Taxi!  All exactly the same
 En Tottos
 Familia Collantes
 Elder Pinedos Exercises
 Our Fridge
 A Cake a member made for Elder Garton (The Elder I replaced that finished his mission)
Almuerzo con la familia Reyes [lunch with the Reyes family]
Here: Jaime and Chetes

These pictures were taken in the garage of investigator's landlord...

 A Cool Wood Picture from Oxapampa
(The Land of Wood)
 Elder Pinedo sleeping
A great idea gone...slowly... object lesson for district meeting...

 Stairs -- is my finger supposed to fit through there?
 Merry Christmas Clay with Allison Reyes
 Elder Pinedo sick with Pre-Chicken Pox with Hermana Grimaldina
This dog Pirata LOVES my backpack!
After climbing and climbing and digging through the bag Pirata slipped down, too tired to get back up! 
Chetes with Pirata (The dog only has one eye)
Eggs+Bacon+Pancakes+Syrup+Peanut Butter = BREAKFAST FROM HEAVEN!

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