Provo Temple Trips

In Talon's Words:  
February 21, 2013  “Just got back from the Temple, been there since 6:40! I love being a missionary!”
"The Temple is so wonderful. Memorize everything! Feast on the words spoken in the Temple! I can't express how much I love going time and time again."

The View of the Provo Temple from the MTC

Missionary Temple Day at the Provo UT Temple
(Did you find Talon the back row on the right?)

Elder Hicken Walks on Water?
The Temple brings about great things, but I didn't think this was one of them...
Elder Bradley, Elder Hicken, Elder Lehman, Elder Frehner, Elder Staley,  Elder McKell
Elder Frehner, Elder Staley, Elder McKell, Elder Bradley, Elder Lehman, Elder Hicken
Elder McKell outside the Provo Temple
Elder Lehman outside the Provo Temple
Elder Staley humoring my artistic photography side.
Turned out pretty well!

Elder Bradley and I outside the Provo Temple
The Provo Temple after snow
February 28, 2013
Lima Central, are you ready for Elder Hicken?
He is ready for you!
 Elder Hicken poses with his Peruvian Flag
Best District EVER!
 The district and a Peruvian Hermana -- she was so excited to see our flag!
Elder Bradley, "Vamanos!!"

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