Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Some Farewell Photos of my time in West-VA

Getting the news that I'm leaving for Peru is really exciting.  I've loved the work here in West Virgina, the elders, the leaders, the companionships.  I now look forward to taking all that I've learned with me to Peru. 

The Three Lynchburg Companionships:
Elder Moore, Mark Bogges, Austin Hawes, Dallin Solomon, Talon Hicken, Nefi Henderson

Elder Hawes and I, just before I walk out the door for the last time.

 This is a family that I came pretty close to while here.  The Mom's last name is Tolley, though I don't know the rest of theirs.  They are all recent converts except the daughter, who claims she isn't interested right now.

And once again, have I mentioned that the houses in Virginia are gorgeous?  This is just a random "so-so" one on the way out of our area because I didn't have time to go to the nice part of town with the REALLY cool houses. 

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