Life in the MTC

The MTC District,
with whom Talon learns and studies daily.
from left to right:
Elder Talon Hicken, from Colorado
Elder Zane McKell from Texas
Elder David Lehman from Minnesota
Elder Garth Frehner from Utah
Elder Nick Staley from Utah
Elder Thomas Bradley from Texas (Talon's MTC companion)

Elder Bradley (Talon's companion), Elder Hicken, Sister Butterfield, and Sister Zortman

Elder Staley, Elder Bradley, Elder McKell, Elder Frehner, Elder Hicken
Elder Hicken, Elder Bradley, and Elder McKell all headed to Lima...with Elder Lehman pointing to Cuzco
Where I will be for the next two years!
Peru Lima, Central Mission, HERE I COME! (In a few weeks)
Elder Lehman pointing to his mission: Cuzco, Peru
This was our teacher, Rachel Curtis....notice all of our llamas -- our ties AND her shirt:)

Ordinary Life in the MTC
Study Time
 (Check out that VIEW from the window -- sunset and all!!)

Photo Time
Thinking Time
Revelation Time

Motivation Time
Sharing the Gospel with All the World

Devotional Time

There's nothing wrong with being early to the devotional... beat the crowds!

Peach Rings: YUM!

Laundry Tme: YUCK!
Joseph Smith's Bag:  Full of scriptures and supplies to preach the gospel
Elder Lehman's Bag: Full of stinky laundry
I thought we were told to take no thought for the morrow, or withal I shall be clothed (D&C 84:81) mean I have to wash these?
Take your pick.
MTC = Missionary Tshirt Corporation

Running into the only place to shop in the MTC

This is our junk drawer -- not filled with rubberbnds and pencils, but all the awesome treats that we get as an apartment!We try to eat it as fast as we can...Thank you all!

Elder Frehner calling his parents, telling them his travel plans were cancelled for Friday :( 3 days later, he found out he was leaving after all!
Trying to take an illegal picture legally.
Playing the line game with Elder Lehman (someone doodles a line and the other turns it into something).  Look at the doodle between us...this Juabu (accent on the U) was picasso-ed.
A candid photo during our break.
I leave a note for the MTC dishwashers at every meal!

And in some things, I have no idea...
We'll just need to wait for Elder Hicken to come home and explain...

But all in all, everything is A-OK!

Thanks, Elder Staley!

February 28, 2013
 I asked our district to start matching ties every day and they said that sounded good. Now the disease is spreading to the rest of the zone. Today was blue tie day.
I got my name on the TV!  I left my scriptures in the cafeteria -- Consider this my 15 minutes of fame.
Another note for my loyal dishwashers.
Elder McKell stashing his milk in our makeshift refrigerator (a snow bank outside our dorm).
 Elder Mckell with the heart strand in our classroom
Sometimes after a lot of personal study,
things get tiring.

Transfers:  From the MTC to our first areas as we await our Visas.
 Elder Lehman: Indepence, MO (leaving Mon, March 11, 2013)
Elder Bradley, Elder McKell, Elder Hicken:  West Virgina Charleston Mission
English Speaking (leaving Tues, March 12, 2013 at 4 AM!)

The District on Blue Tie Day
Elder Lehman, Elder McKell, Brother Whittaker -- our teacher, Elder Hicken, Elder Bradley,  ? 
 ...On Gold Tie Day
...On Red Power Tie Day
Group picture with the departing Hermanas from District B, going to LA Temple Visitors Center