Friday, March 1, 2013

TO DO: From Talon

See if you can accept these 2 challenges from Talon during the next week.  If you can, send him a letter or a DearElder email about your experiences and thoughts.

"Last minute favors from Talon"! 
  1. Read Alma 26:30, Alma 29:9, Alma 34:16, and D&C 10:5  
  2. Bear your testimony to someone (God counts as someone) every day.  
Remember his words from yesterday: If you have a missionary you want to be happy, just share with them about your scripture study, fasting, and prayer, and the resulting spirit of prophesy, revelation, and knowlege. And thanks to our new high tech system, you can even write them down and pay a small fee (stamp) to have it delivered right to them!

Talon also included:  Can you forward me the emails Tyler sends home via dearelder? and Jason too? And Thanks for Joseph's!  thanks!

Also, to G&G Hicken, I met Bill and Susan Johnsten (sp?) the other day and I told them that I'd tell you hi!

Ps. I'm now the senior comp, but no longer DL.


-Elder Hicken

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