Sunday, March 10, 2013

Last Chance to Write to Talon in MTC

The Count-down is on.  Only a few more hours until Talon leaves the MTC for good, ready to embark on his mission.

If you want to get one last note in from, be sure to submit it by 12:00 PM on Monday.

For all future mail until he sets off to Peru, you can send it straight to the mission office in West Virginia:

Elder Talon Hicken
West Virginia Charleston Mission
888 Oakwood Road, Suite 310
CharlestonWV 25314-2071


  1. We just found this blog, our son is Elder McKell who is also going to the Peru Lima Central mission and is also headed to West Virginia until his visa comes in. Thanks for sharing the photos and letters. We have a blog for Elder McKell but we are slacking on keeping it up to date. Now I have some motivation to do so.

    1. So glad the three of them can go to West Virginia together. Hopefully they can go to Peru together very soon. Talon has loved being his time with Elder McKell in the MTC!


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