Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Letter from the Mission President

I don't have any more time to write, but here is a letter from my Mission President that talks a little bit about our meeting with Elder Oaks!
Dear missionaries, 
What a wonderful, very full week. We started off with 20 new missionaries coming and it was a wonderful time, getting to know them and spending a day together in training. Then big transfers as many came in and new trainers began their twelve weeks to help their new missionary become the best in the mission. We are of course sad to see good elders leave but they have been called to a new mission, life on the home front. Then the blessed weekend. Elder Oaks is so very kind and genuine. He loved being with all of you. Elder Hallstrom is very interested in the growth of the mission, in the missionaries, and in how we are really doing in the mission. Bishop Causse is very knowledgeable and has a desire to help with missionary work. Elder and Sister Lansing are so warm and good. We are grateful that he is over our area. 
Did you ever personally answer the two questions Elder Hallstrom asked: Why are you here? (we will say, on this mission,) and what do you expect from this mission time? We hope you all will ponder these questions and come to a resolve in your hearts. He quoted D& C 43: 8, 
And now behold, I give unto you a commandment, that when ye are assembled together ye shall instruct and edify each other, that ye may know how to act . . . how to act upon the points of my law and commandments, which I have given. 
We are to instruct and edify each other. We have used the word edify a great deal. When we teach we are to edify (build a structure) in the hearts of our investigators. If we seek to edify, we will feel the spirit of the Lord. In verse nine it says that we will bind ourselves to all holiness. That is an attitude of "I will do them, I will keep the laws and the commandments." 
He reminded us that we need to want to change, that we want to do something so this change will take place. We can know when the Spirit speaks and teaches us, because we want to change. If each of us does that, then collectively we will have no bounds as to the good we can do here. We need to decide only one time.
Elder Oaks was wonderful. Some of the things he said are as follows: This is His mission. Missionaries are in the service of God. He wants to take you from where you are to where you need to be. You have a direct line to the Lord. He will comfort, give peace, and extend forgiveness. All this comes from the Father through the Holy Ghost. When you are involved in the work of the Lord, the power behind you is more powerful than the obstacles before you. 
Moroni's promise is that if they pray and are intent on doing something then they will receive the knowledge they desire. He also said that success is not in baptisms. Success is in your doing the best you can every day. Do the work of the Lord in His way. Always be looking and keep your line in the water. 
Why is this the only true church? 
  1. It contains the fullness of the doctrine on such things as the plan of salvation and the nature of the Godhead. Truth enriches life.  
  2. The Priesthood has power to bind on earth as well as in heaven. 
  3. Our testimony and knowledge of the Savior is different than any other church. No one really knows what the atonement and resurrection are, but we can know that they are true. We need to bear witness of their truth and reality. 
As you review your notes, listen to the Spirit as it whispers to you what you need and what you can do to bring you to the next level. As you raise your own bar of obedience, hard work, prayers, and teaching, you will bring others with you. Then collectively we will raise the Standard of the mission and begin to do things in a wonderfully positive way. 
Keep your eye on the prophet and follow his lead. He will never lead us astray. God bless you in this great work. We are excited to see you all in the next two weeks. 
Pres. Pitts Missionary Truth: Missionaries that get out of their cars and get onto their bikes or onto their feet and open their mouths are consistently happier and more productive than those who don't.
Love to all, 
President and Sister Pitt

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  1. My name is Brian Cooper and our son Elder Scott Cooper (BYU 2012 summer term roommate of Elder Hicken) was also called to Peru Lima Central same date. He went straight to the Peru MTC. He has been looking for Talon and (others) to join him as at orientation last Tues. for new missionaires fresh out of the Peruvian MTC he was the only Norte Americano amoung 24 new Lima Central missionaries. My e-mail is briancooper7613@sbcglobal.net if any of the parents want to keep in touch. Here is a part of his E-mail from Monday as he describes his first area in Lima - "Imagine this endless maze of dogs, people, taxis, mototaxis, street vendors, and shops. And then there is the hills which have even more dogs, piles of rocks, dirt and some very poor people. Right now I pretty much feel lost all the time because it is just so overwhelmingly huge" I believe our sons will have a great experience serving the Lord in Lima and by all accounts they have a great mission president that will be with them for all 2 years.


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