Friday, March 1, 2013

More Photos from our Peruvian Elder!

Lima Central, are you ready for Elder Hicken?
He is ready for you!
 Elder Hicken poses with his Peruvian Flag
Best District EVER!
 The district and a Peruvian Hermana -- she was so excited to see our flag!
Elder Bradley, "Vamanos!!"

 I asked our district to start matching ties every day and they said that sounded good. Now the disease is spreading to the rest of the zone. Today was blue tie day.
I got my name on the TV!  I left my scriptures in the cafeteria -- Consider this my 15 minutes of fame.
Another note for my loyal dishwashers.
Elder McKell stashing his milk in our makeshift refrigerator (a snow bank outside our dorm).
 Elder Mckell with the heart strand in our classroom
Sometimes after a lot of personal study,
things get tiring.

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