Monday, March 18, 2013

An interview with the Elder Hicken!

I'm crazy short on time today so I'll do my best to reply to everything I can, but I had to write an extra long letter, do some training activities and figure out some other stuff all duing my email time! CRAZY! I've just typed responses to your questions in your email in blue type! Thanks!

Hello Talon!

I don't want to take up your computer time by emailing you a whole letter, but I didn't think you would get snail mail in time either.  So here is just a quick note of questions for you to answer in case you need some prompts in writing us. I assume your P-days are Mondays now and we'll be hearing from you tomorrow.

We want to hear everything you can tell about everything! 
I'll try and tell you everything I can in the short time I have today!
I'm sure Mason was grateful to have you there.  I chatted with his mom for a while after stake women's conference last Thursday and it didn't sound like he had as good a relationship with his MTC district as you did.  We enjoyed hearing from Pres. Priday about how his brother came across you two packing the night before you left.  
It seemed like he was doing fine to me! But he seems really happy, and it also seems like he has grown up a lot since I last knew him. I'm glad President Priday [The MTC President] shared with President Priday [our Colorado Stake President, who is also the MTC President's brother] about our little run in!
Shoot!  A man walking by accidently unplugged my computer! =[ Even less time now... 
Jessica Myers spoke in sacrament mtg today, goes to the MTC soon.  Kiersten hopes to get her call maybe as soon as this week. 
Gosh darn that's super crazy! Kiersten better write me soon,...I don't have her address. Could you ask Kai to ask John what his address is or something? 
What do you think about:
  • Your new mission president 
So fantastic. Most definately one of the reasons I was sent to this mission. He is brilliant, and loving, and I've learned a lot from him in just the last few days.
  • Your trainer--and who is he? 

He's great! He is fom SLC and his name is Austin Hawes. He has been out for 10 months and I'm his second son. Our posterity has a huge reputation here in the mission, and so when everyone heard who was training me, they all came up to me and told me how great it was going to be!
  • The ward yesterday 

Great! I love being around memebers! Except one thing really threw me off. The girls all wore immodest skirts! What's up with that? I don't know if there is some reason, like it's imposible to get modest skirts here, or what, but I thought it was terrible. We're talking homecoming dress short. (you might have to ask Kai just how short that is)
  • The work so far 

The work is fantastic! I love it here in Lynchburg. We are right next door to the Baptist BYU called Liberty University. To graduate from it you have to take 3 credits of anti-mormon literaure. Nothing really extraordinary has happened to me yet though. Though if anybody has a change of getting tarred and feathered....just kidding. It's pretty safe around here. Nothing the Lord can't handle.
  • Where you live 

It's a mess. Just a falling apart apartment. It's honestly not terrible, and we have memory foam mattresses, but there is mold all over the bathroom, the vents smell crazy weird (we think it's the people around us) and the kitchen is from 1805. There are 3 handles on the drawers and cupboards out of the 10 we should have. There is even one door missing. The stove is too big, so one of the drawers can't open all the way. There isn't any disposal. But it's all ok because the ward here is amazing! We are being fed almost every night! I have spent probably 3 hours so far cleaning up the apartment, but today we are going to go buy a bunch of cleaning supplies. We have a bunch of weights though! And a punching bag! hah, I'll take pictures, but I accidently left my camera with the Zone Leaders when we saw Elder Oaks on Saturday (I'll tell more about that later, don't worry) I'll probably get it back on the 28th.
Where are you? 
I'm in Lynchburg, VA.  I don't know what happens to letters written on, but if you could find out and let me know that would be great!
[This just in from your Blog Editor:  At this point, you must create an account on  You will select Talon's mission from the list West Virginia Charleston.  You can still compose your whole letter right on the site, then you will pay $0.46 for postage.]
Are you still thrilled to be stateside? 
Of course! I'm on a mission, aren't I? It's crazy!
Any surprises, or are things about what you expected? 
I didn' know what to expect, but WV is kind of like mountain town Colorado mixed with old downtown Chicago. It's really interesting. There isn't a straight piece of road in the whole mission!
Did they have any stuff to lend, like a coat?
Missionaries just take and leave stuff from the apartments, so I've got the same coat that we got from Mr. Mac. Except this one is free. I don't know what else I would want to borrow! Except maybe a comforter, but I'm just using all of my sheets at once, and I'm acually really hot at night. Mostly because of the memory foam.
Where are you using a computer right now? 
I'm at the Lynchburg public library!
I sure hope you have ample time to write--we just assume you actually arrived and things are going along normally since we haven't heard anything.  It will be good to actually know.

We are so happy you are serving your mission and we imagine the great things you are doing and learning.  You have such a wonderful enthusiasm and willingness to put you shoulder to the wheel.

Love, Mom

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