Thursday, February 14, 2013

Productivity in the CCM!


It always seems like my district is ready to leave the computer lab as soon as I get to writing this letter. I'm going to write it on the computer in the laundry room ahora. See you in a bit...

I wish I could just take a picture of my journal entries for the week and send it to you guys or something. It would save so much time. It's day #16 of the mission, and I'm on page #15 in my journal. Not to shabby.

I hosted yesterday! It was a blast! I haven't found Zach Baird yet, but he got here yesterday! And I have seen Hermana Chelsea Zortman and Sister Megan Butterfield! And quite a few of my coworkers from last year. 

Elder Bradley, Elder Hicken, Sister Butterfield, and Sister Zortman
Big thank you to everyone who has sent me letters and packages and whatnot! It's so wonderful to get mail! (Extra shout out to Amber who sent my companion a letter, which was his second letter so far, and he was very grateful for.)

We figured out as a district that by studying for about 35 hours of Spanish a week in el CCM and studying about 4 hours a week in high school, we have now studied about a year's worth of Spanish. Actually, if I remember right, we are right about on the same lessons as we were in the beginning of my 2nd year. Crazy. 2 weeks fly by.

Our district has gone from 9 elders, to 6 elders, to 4 elders on the 19th when Elders Staley and Frehner head to Colombia. It's so small, and we GET. WORK. DONE. We have been identified as the model, but we have a long way to go. Lots of Spanish learning, and lots of experience teaching that we need that the other districts have because they have been here for weeks.

One thing we don't have enough of is time to send pictures home. I think I'm going to write a program to send home pictures from the MTC once I get back.

I'm actually overtime, so I've got to go real fast, but I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I hope to be able to send letters to most of you today, but we have so little free time! (also, most of the Elders in my district disregard the rule to only write letters on P-day, so I'm writing all day while other stuff, haha)

Hope to hear from you soon!

Love, Elder Hicken

P.S. is the bomb