Friday, February 8, 2013

First Letter from the MTC!

Hola del CCM!

Toda esta bien aqui! Mi Districto es la mejor! Tenemos seis Elderes, y nos faltan tres que no veni. Habemos apprender mucho, y ya commitir un investigador al bautizmo.

[Translation: Hello from the MTC!  Everything is well here.  My district is the best!  We have 6 Elders and there are 3 others missing who didn’t come.  We have learned a lot a already committed an investigator (actually one of the many volunteers that go to the MTC to let the missionaries practice teaching them) to baptism.]

I would write all in Spanish, but I can't type as fast, and because I'm the District Leader I had to write an extra long letter to my Branch President.

This is going to be a pretty short letter, because I just got back from the Temple this morning (which was fantastic, I love the symbolism in the Provo Temple) and so I haven't been home yet to read the letters I've gotten this past week. Speaking of which, is the best! It's so nice to just get something in the mail. My companion has only gotten an email, and I feel really bad when we hand out letters and everyone has several except he hasn't gotten any.

I've got a whole bunch of pictures from my first week. You'll hopefully get them later today while I do my laundry. That's also when I'll respond to Mom's letter. (Thanks Mom!)

Regarding those questions, I can't really remember life from before last week.

Hopefully you'll get another message or two later today! We're only allowed to write letters on Thursday, so it's kinda a time crunch.

Love you guys!

Great. Nice job on the Spanish. I’m guessing one of the 3 missing is your roommate [who is also going to Peru Lima Central but received his visa early so was sent directly to the MTC in Lima instead of going to Provo first]
Can you read actual letters only on P-day [preparation day], too, or can you read them when you receive them in the mail?

I can read them when I get them, just not reply. I get the mail every day after lunch and dinner.

I don't have much time, so I'm only sending pictures, but I sent mom a letter! I'll also try and include a copy of my letter to my Branch President if I have time.

Strugglin' on the pictures...I'll try again next week I guess! Sorry!

Letter to Branch President:

This week has been wonderful. As a district, we have come from being complete strangers to brothers in the gospel. We have a bond and a love that impresses our district daily.

Beginning this week, we had one elder who knew no Spanish, two elders who had very little experience and ability, and three who had several years of Spanish education in High School. Since then, we have all improved drastically to the point where we have been told time and time again that our Spanish is impressive. Although we don't have as much faith in our Spanish as we are told we should, we know that we have a special gift of the spirit in our district that helps us in our studies. With our investigator, each companionship has committed him to Baptism with a scheduled date. Unfortunately we no longer have the opportunity to teach Gabrielle

This past week we have learned, discovered and grown in more subjects than just the languages of the Spirit and the Gospel. We have also learned about missionary work through the examples of Elders inside and outside our district. We have also learned some important lessons about conduct and behavior as missionaries. As most districts do, we have times in our classroom when we don't have a teacher where the district gets sidetracked or distracted, and the spirit isn't as strong because we revisit movies, or cars, or experiences from our pre-MTC lives. The last few days, however, have seen a vast improvement in our focus, spirituality, and general knowledge of missionary rules and guidelines.

I am so excited to serve in District D with my brothers in the Gospel. I love these Elders and I learn so much from them, and with them. They are wonderful examples to me and I am so grateful for the opportunity to submit a wonderful report.