Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Photos of our Favorite Missionary!

Thank you, Elder Hicken, for sending us some pictures!  It is incredible to see you in the service of the Lord, learning how to spread the gospel and increasing your own testimony among these other missionaries going to serve throughout the world!

Entering the Missionary Training Center, January 30, 2013
Uncle Josh helps Talon with his luggage at the Salt Lake City Airport

The farewell lunch just before dropping Elder Hicken off at the MTC.
Where?  The Creamery on 9th, of course!
With Amber, Magdalena, James, Uncle Josh and Aunt Brynn
What a Missionary!  Armed with righteousness and the power of God.
I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them. (1 Nephi 3:7)

Elder Hicken being greeted by MTC personnel, with cousin Amber in the car.

And a farewell video as he hugs Uncle Josh, Aunt Brynn (behind the camera), and cousin Amber.

and he's off...

 Goodbye, Talon!
We will miss you but are confident in you and that you are on the Lord's errand!

Missionaries at the Provo Temple

The View of the Provo Temple from the MTC

Missionary Temple Day at the Provo UT Temple
(Did you find Talon the back row on the right?)

Elder Hicken Walks on Water?
The Temple brings about great things, but I didn't think this was one of them...

Elder Bradley, Elder Hicken, Elder Lehman, Elder Frehner, Elder Staley,  Elder McKell
Elder Frehner, Elder Staley, Elder McKell, Elder Bradley, Elder Lehman, Elder Hicken
Elder McKell outside the Provo Temple
Elder Lehman outside the Provo Temple
Elder Staley humoring my artistic photography side.
Turned out pretty well!

Elder Bradley and I outside the Provo Temple
The Provo Temple after snow

Talon's MTC District
from left to right:
Elder Talon Hicken, from Colorado
Elder Zane McKell from Texas
Elder David Lehman from Minnesota
Elder Garth Frehner from Utah
Elder Nick Staley from Utah
Elder Thomas Bradley from Texas (Talon's MTC companion)

Elder Staley, Elder Bradley, Elder McKell, Elder Frehner, Elder Hicken

Ordinary Life in the MTC
Study Time
 (Check out that VIEW from the window -- sunset and all!!)

Photo Time
Thinking Time
Revelation Time

Motivation Time
Sharing the Gospel with All the World

Devotional Time
There's nothing wrong with being early to the devotional...
...to beat the crowds!

Peach Rings: YUM!

Laundry Tme: YUCK!
Joseph Smith's Bag:  Full of scriptures and supplies to preach the gospel
Elder Lehman's Bag: Full of stinky laundry
I thought we were told to take no thought for the morrow, or withal I shall be clothed (D&C 84:81)
...you mean I have to wash these?

Take your pick.
MTC = Missionary Tshirt Corporation

Running into friends...at the only place to shop in the MTC

This is our junk drawer -- not filled with rubberbnds and pencils, but all the awesome treats that we get as an apartment!  We try to eat it as fast as we can...Thank you all!

And in some things, I have no idea...
We'll just need to wait for Elder Hicken to come home and explain...

But all in all, everything is A-OK!
Thanks, Elder Staley!