Sunday, February 17, 2013

4 Tidbits:

His companion is Elder Thomas Bradley, from TX. 
Other members of his district are: Elder David Lehman from MN, Elder Zane McKell from TX, Elder Garth Frehner from UT, Elder Nick Staley from UT

Excerpts from another e-mail he sent today with requests of things for us to send:
If you can find some cheap sheets, it probably won't hurt. They don't give us blankets here at the MTC. I'm not sure why. 

[Time on the computer is] So chaotic. Honestly makes it a little hard to keep the spirit while everyone is panicking to get everything done in 30 minutes while the timer on the screen ticks down...

My new departure date is March 13th, but it is dependant upon my visa. We get travel plans a week and a half before we leave, so I'll let you know my flight plan in an email (or letter) as soon as I know.