Monday, June 2, 2014

Hola de una semana BLANCA

This week was well worth the hard work! We served with all our heart, might, mind, and strength to baptize the Isasi Family. On Friday they were married at 12:30, and six hours later they were baptized. 

We had a huge baptism this week! And a marriage! I was the testigo. Here´s a few photos! The first one is of the 6 of us in our ward and the two assistents, and Rodrigo. Elder Castro was my companion last transfer before being called as assistent--looks like we are still united, based on the pose.

Sunday we had 4 confirmations, 3 children or baby blessings of investigators or converts, one ordination to priest of an investigator, a new Elders Q President, and we´re super excited to be working in the work of the Lord!

Sé que al procurar hablar con todos, cumplimos con el propósito de nuestro llamamiento, aun con los desafíos de la vida misional. La fe es la confianza en cosas que no se ven, pero que son VERDADERAS. Una ley de los cielos es la ley de relatividad. Uno siega lo que coseche. Sin estar preparado, no podremos cumplir. La obra misional involucra a todos, no solo los investigadores. Este obra de salvación es posible gracias al amor de Cristo. Sé que el señor prueba a sus elegidos para prepararles para lo que el tiene reservado mas adelante. La familia es ordenada por dios y el matrimonio entre un hombre y una mujer es esencial para su plan eterno. Al ayudarla y trabajar con familias, estaremos trabajando al lado del señor. Sea con menos activos, investigadores, parte familias, o no-miembros.

[I know that by talking with everyone, we will fulfill our calling, even with the challenges of missionary life.  Faith is trust in things which are not seen, which are TRUE.  A heavenly law is a real law.  You reap what you sow.  Without being prepared, we can not magnify our calling.  Missionary work involves everyone, not just the investigators.  This work of salvation is posible thanks to the love of Jesus Christ.  I know that the Lord tries his chosen ones in order to prepare them for what lies ahead.  The family is ordained of God and marriage between a man and a woman is essential to his eternal plan.  To help and work for families, we are working aside the Lord.  Even with less-actives, investigators, part-member families, and non-members alike.]
Love, Elder Hicken

Hurrah for Israel!

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