Monday, June 30, 2014

Hola de la Selva [the jungle]

Todo està bien aquì en Precursores!

We went to the zoo today!

 Here`s a picture of a picture made to look like another picture! I love you Sierra!

Happy Birthday Kai! I realized after signing off that it was more prudent to have told you last monday, but better late than never! I hope you had a pie of a time!

Everyone who reads my letters, send me next week stories about how the Lord has eased a burden in your life! I would love to know!

I`m looking for a talk by Elder Holland that says that as members, we should pray for the missionaries in our ward by name. Have you heard of it? Could you send me the link?

This week has been wonderfully hard. The only way to explain it is that after falling a long ways, the climb back up is maybe just as difficult, but much more satisfying looking backwards. Elder Burgos is amazing, and helping me remember what I once learned from Elder Castro. It hasn`t been an easy first two weeks, but I`m excited for the third. We are united, and we love each other, and the zone knows it. They want to be like us, just as they did when Elder Castro was my companion. I am grateful for his help, and hope to help him realize just how important he is to me, and to the Lord here in Maranga.

I know I am in the Lords hands, and not only am I there, but he is using me all over the place! I love it, but I`ve got a crazy schedule! I love the Lord!

Love, Elder Hicken

Hurrah for Israel!

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