Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hola de Cambios!

Todo está bien aqui en precursores! And I´ll be here for another month and a half! Elder Vazquez won´t though! He´s only been here one change, but he´s off to another zone.

It´s great to watch the work progress, even when it´s a slightly stressful process. We´re doing our best to accomodate all of the changes the Lord sees fit in these weeks! We´re super excited for a new ward in our stake: Escardó. Our ward is going to be a father! But it means we´ll loose Sister Heiner and Sister Agüero. We´ll be getting two more missionaries in our zone as well! 

We´re writing today because we spent all morning yesterday moving in the new room for Escardó and distributing materials to the zone in the truck.

This past change with Elder Vazquez has been incredible. It helped me remember many of the things that I had learned in the first six months of my mission. I have learned of the importance of working with families, taking care of your companion as #1, and we´ve begun a relationship with the stake that had disappeared. I am excited to learn even more from my new companion, and begin to put in practice the sum of my experience to have more success to match the desires of my heart!

Testifico que la familia es ordenada por Dios. Los ultimos dias son los dias para trabajar con la familia, y ahi esta trabajando Dios. La Restauracion es real, y esta pasando rapido. José Smith fue un profeta lleno del espiritu de Dios, y dio a luz el Libro de Mormon, que us un fruto de ese espiritu. Al leerlo, seremos llenos con lo mismo, y lo transmitiremos a nuestros projimos en el orden verdadero de caridad. Les amo mucho! Gracias por todo!

Love, Elder Hicken

Hurrah for Israel!

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