Monday, January 13, 2014

Hola del tiempo màs rapido del mundo

Todo està bien aquì en Jorge Chavez!

This week we had an exchange with Elder Spencer in Proceres Ward. We talked about several things he can do to improve, and several things that he can do to help Elder Flores, the Elder he`s training.

We`ve been improving in our sector as well. This week we taught 31 lessons, which is our best yet, with last week`s 29, we`re showing steady progress. Now we are working on teaching more lessons with members. We`re going to focus on helping the members prepare to be able to have us teach lessons in their homes. 

I told you that last week was our last week without investigadores on date. Unfortunately, I didn`t come through. One `for-sure` baptism turned out to be a less active with lost information. Another worked all week and we didn`t get to teach him. The other slept in and didn`t make it to church on Sunday. BUT we`re ready for a great week! We`re passing the trial of faith with flying colors to get the miracle that we know is waiting for us this week! We just have to work like crazy to get there!

We`ve got a temple trip planned for this next month! Super excited for the new video! It`ll be 4 months without going to the temple when we finally go. I can`t explain how anxious I am.

I`m sorry I didn`t share my testimony last week! Actually, you`re lucky I wrote home! We decided to do one hour in the morning, and the last half hour after going bike riding. We went bike riding for way too long and ended up getting stuck in traffic and missing the appointments we had set up that night. No fun. Disobedience is a dark life. Even the little things.

So here`s my two week testimony.

Sè que la humildad es una herramienta divina para cambiarnos y nuestra voluntad. Sè que cada acción tiene una consecuencia o varias consecuencias, y es mejor solo escoger ser obediente que tratar de evitar las consecuencias. Sè que es esencial ser diligente para progresar. He perdido mucho esfuerzo en la ineficacia de trabajo desenfocado, o sea, sin diligencia, Solo por la diligencia pasamos la prueba de fe y experimentamos un milagro. Sè que la comunicación es uno de las desafíos mas universales en este vida y es por un propósito eterno.Se que tal importante como la primera vez es la segunda vez. Una vez es chansa, dos puede ser coincidencia, peo tres veces es un patrón. Hay que luchar para la tercera vez. Sè que sin seguimiento no hay compromiso. Si queremos que alguien entienda un compromiso (o sea que lo haga) tenemos que asegurar que entienden la seguimiento. Sè que por cosas pequeñas, se lleva a cabo grandes cosas. Sè que ahora es el mejor momento para plantar un árbol. Tal vez era hace 20 años, pero el segundo mejor tiempo es ahora. Si hay algo para arreglar del pasado, no hay razón de esperar. Sè que la expiación nos brinda poder que no tenemos adentro de nosotros, para poder lograr los propósitos del Señor. Sè que tenemos que sacrificar hoy, para ganar mañana. En el evangelio nada menos que 100% es suficiente, sino que tenemos que dar todo, y en la manea que el señor nos ha dado para darlo. Lo mas importante para escuchar al espíritu es ser dispuesto a seguir sus susurros, no importa lo que sea. Dios nos manda pruebas cada vez que las estamos listos. La prueba no es solamente algo para pasar para recibir lo que queremos, sino un proceso por lo cual llegamos a ser lo que Dios quiere que seamos por los cambios que hacemos.

[I know that humility is a divine tool to change us and our will.  I know that every action has a consequence or various consequences, and it is best to just choose to be obedient than to try to avoid the consequences.  I know that it is essential to be diligent in order to progress.  I've lost some effort in the inefficiency of unfocused work, or rather, without diligence.  Only through diligence will we pass the test of faith and experience miracles.  I know that communication is one of the most universal challenges in this life and it is for an eternal purpose.  I know that the first time is as important as  the second time.  One time is chance; twice could be a coincidence, but three times is a pattern.  We have to strive for the third time.  I know that without follow-up there is no commitment.  If we want someone to keep their commitment, or if we want one, we have to be sure that they understand the follow-up.  I know that by small and simple things, great things come to pass.  I know that now is the best time to plant a tree.  Perhaps it would have been 20  years ago, but the second best time is now.  If there is anything that needs fixing from the past, there is no reason to wait.  I know that the Atonement gives us power beyond what we have within ourselves to acheive the purposes of the Lord.  I know that we have to make sacrifices today, to win tomorrow.  In the gospel, nothing less than 100% is sufficient, but we have to give our all, and in the manner in which the Lord has set forth for us to give.  The most important thing to be able to listen to through the spirit is to be willing to follow its promptings, no matter what they are.  God sends us tests every time we are ready for them.  The test isn't only something to pass through to receive what we want, but it is a process through which we become what God wants us to be through the changes that we make.

Thanks for your constant support! 

Love, Elder Hicken

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