Monday, January 6, 2014

Hola de la Jumpstart

Todo està bien aquí en Jorge Chavez!

Sorry I don`t have any pictures, I left my camera card with a member so he could help me burn my videos onto DVDs to send home, but we`re going to enter email later today for our last 30 minutes, so I`ll try to send them then. And I have 3 pages of captions written for the pictures that I`ve been sending home, so I`ll have to scan them and send them soon.
(When he said "3 pages of captions", he meant 4 double sided sheets, 8 total pages!  I'm going through the list and putting the photos and details in the right places for you to see - Kerri)

Thank you very much for the package! (la paquetasa!) I gave all the things to give away to the Relief Society president, who is our pensionista [like a landlady, but more, the person that gives the missionaries room and board], with the instruction of who most needs that I know of, but now it`s in the hands of the Lord.

[Upon leaving Peru, Brent and Sunny sent Talon a package of all the stuff they didn't need to bring home, such as some clothes, books, and such].

This week we broke through a huge barrier and we are saliendo adelante [moving forward]! Companionship inventory is very important, but constant and open communication between companions is more efficient. However, all things said and done, we had an excellent end to a week otherwise very low in success, and we are looking at a steep improvement curve.  The Proceres Ward (in our district) is inspiring us with their logros [achievements]. Now we just have to return the favor, and regocijarnos mutuamente [mutually rejoice together]

We`ve gone another week without investigators on date, but it`s going to be our last! -- Because we didn`t go another week without new investigators! We have 5 new investigators, and we are looking forward to having success with them.

Our ward is improving in great ways. This week we had our first ward council meeting since I`ve been here, and it was amazingly missionary oriented. If there is anything our Bishop knows how to do, it is: depend on the missionaries. The Zone Leaders are being great examples in how to work with a ward to help it progress, and we are doing our best to support them in their efforts and learn from their examples.

This week we will have an exchange with Proceres Ward to see how we can help them work better with their ward mission leader.

We`re working on fortifying the members of our ward so that we can extend assignments to several missionary families. There is a lot of work to do, but we love working, and we love working efficiently. 

Love, Elder Hicken

Hurrah for Israel!

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