Monday, June 3, 2013

Hola del día 124

Can you believe I´m 124 days old? crazy. I remembered my cheat sheet this time! So here we go...

I got your dearelder that says you´re dissapointed that I haven´t gotten any dearelders! So I´m getting them. Haha, it´s dated the 11 of May. I like the story! Made me laugh.

I´ll write my own noticias [news] before responding to your letters, that way you hear what´s going on.

I think I´ve figured out a way to send letters home, but It´s easier if I have American stamps, so if you could send 20 or so in the next letter that would be awesome!

I have a less active who is a high class chef. 
Dinner at his house.  I want to bring him back with me to start a Peruvian restaurant in Provo!

He wants a recipe for BBQ sauce.  I told him that we´ve made it a few times, and so he asked if I could give him a few. But! they eat a TON of oil with their food here, so if you could send 2 that would be awesome. One that is healthy and Mom-approved (and preferably tested), and one that is as unhealthy as delicious calls for. Thank you so much!

Also, if anyone sends letters, could you do me a favor and include your email? Thanks! (P.S. can you send me Braden´s email?)

I would love it if you could also send me FHE activities! We love to play torre de arena, and cat and mouse, but that´s about all I have up my sleeve! Preferably something with a doctrinal base! THank you!

I was thinking this past week about something that would be so amazing if you could do as a family. If randomly throughout the day, you would share scriptures with each other. Just a short 2 minute read the scripture and explain why you like it. Just really quick, but if you start talking about the gospel, well then that´s great and you can talk longer. But just think about how awesome that would be, and how much more the spirit would be present. Now this would be cool if Mom and Dad did it, but how much cooler would it be if Renen, or Sierra, or Kai, or Lily (?) came into the office one day and said, ´´Dad, I was reading the scriptures and I just want to share this scripture with you that is in Proverbs chapter 4. The whole chapter talks about the instruction of a Father to a son, but I really like verse 18. It says But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day. I just love the thought that we have this grand potential to shine more and more, and never stop until we´re perfect, like the light of the world.¨ Wow, what a great spirit would be there.

Random Peru fact: car mirrors all have a chain attaching them to the car, so that when they get hit off because they drive so close together, they can just reattach it, and not have to buy a new mirror.

Big favor to ask! Could you send me a calendar more or less of important dates? Birthdays in the family, in the ward, holidays, and anything else that I would love to know. Thank you! You could even do it monthly, or weekly if that is easier.

Another random Peru fact! They don´t sell those silky garments here, so sad. 

They love to have quotes and stuff on their cars, and here are two that I´ve seen quite often. ¨Esfuerzo es exito¨ [Effort is Success] and ¨No se gana, pero se goza¨ [One doesn't win, but one is happy] just a little saying for the day.

Another saying that is my own, but reminds me to think of the importance of humility: No olvide su exito por sus pruebas, pero no olvide humanidad por su orgullo. [Don’t forget your success because of your trials, but rather don’t forget humanity because of your pride]
[Not all idioms can translate quite correctly into English and have the same effect, but this was the closest we could translate]
Well I made some good progress on this list, but my time is up, so I´ll save the rest for next time!

I love you all! Stay strong!

Love Elder Hicken
Caricature of Elder Perez Albela and I

Brandon Palomino and Daniel Melendez, two members

Service Project at Hermana Betty's!

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