Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dear Dad, Happy Father's Day

Happy Father´s day Dad!

I have never been so grateful to have a dad that isn´t ensnared by a worldly vice. I think above all the things that I have learned on my mission, I have learned the most about the importance of the family, and furthermore the importance of the father. 

This Father´s day I can´t do much more than write home, however I have a gift for you. Possibly the most important and most valuable gift I can ever give. Through my study of the scriptures and the gospel of Jesus Christ, I have learned that I need to give my will to my Father in heaven. I have also learned that we are placed here on earth to learn on a small scale the principals we will need in the eternities. Through personal studying, pondering, and praying, I have learned that to fully be able to surrender my will to that of the Lord, I must first surrender my will to you, my earthly father. 

This year my gift to you is my will; that as you hearken unto the will of the Father, so shall I, hearken unto your will. I may not understand why, but I understand how. I hope that now I can become an instrument in your hands, as much as a instrument in the hands of our Heavenly Father: a tool to do good with more than I have in myself. 

I hope this Father´s day you had a wonderful time with Family, as I know you would like. We are so blessed to have a Dad with a deeper desire to spend time with family than with friends, videogames, or sins. Thank you for all of your dedication.

Love, your son,

Elder Hicken

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  1. this is so touching. literally brought a tear. :) you must be so pleased with his spiritual growth.


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