Monday, June 24, 2013

Hola de medio campio (Mid-Transfers)

We are esforzando con los menos activos, pero no con tanto éxito [working hard with the less actives, but without much success].  We´ve got a huge hill with shacks all over it. Poorer than poor, but wonderful people. Now to get them to church. Starting up home teaching and visiting teaching is a process, but one we hope lasts.

We´ve got quite a few people with family in Cuzco, and one of them wants to get married down there before we can baptize her. We´ll try and send references along, but it´s hard when they don´t know their own addresses.

This week was especially rough with lessons with members, but we are going to focus on that this upcoming week. We are working hard with less actives, and having quite wonderful success. We are starting up home and visiting teaching in our ward, and hope that the change will last longer than we do.

This Sunday one of our investigators on date [for baptism] lost her date because she didn´t come to church. We´ll continue to work with her to make sure she is prepared to covenant with God to follow the commandments so she can recieve the blessings of the spirit in this life, and of eternal life in the next.

Camila, a 9 year old daughter of a less active, is all set and way excited for her baptism this Saturday, and has already brought a friend to church, who we are now teaching with her mother. Camila's mom is now active once again, and we hope they continue to bring friends into the church. 

This week I have gained an incredible testimony que Dios me conoce [that God knows me]. That he knows my needs and desires, and that he listens to my prayers to answer all my needs, not just my requests. I have gained a deeper love for him as my God, and Christ as my Savior through this knowlege, and an even greater desire to share the gospel with my brothers and sisters here in San Silvestre.

I hope all is well on the home front! I love you all and hope you are feeling the joy of sharing the gospel through your examples and actions!

Con amor, 

Élder Hicken

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