Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tyler Balli and JWs

 The arrival of new missionaries from the CCM, Sept 9, 2014

[Talon refers to the letter he received from Brent where he shared some gospel sharing experiences he had last week with some Jehovah Witnesses.]
What amazing experiences! I love it!

I´ve still got 5 more weeks with my companion, and we´ve got plans to have as much success as possible, both in our sector as well as the mission!

You have a member missionary class? How does that work out? I would love to try and involve that here if it´s working there! I have seen that book on your shelf, you got it for Christmas recently, am I right? 

Yesterday we trained the Callao zone. It was incredible, because we have 4 hours of straight training. My voice was absolutely dead at the end of the day. We taught them how to plan for miracles. I see miracles every day. We saw the miracle yesterday that although we basically singed their spiritual eyebrows, they loved it. I thought they were bored, but apparently they were feeling the spirit. 

Afterwards the President took us out to a expensive restaurant. It was incredibly good, and he bought us the buffet. I ate 3 platefuls. I´ve got a big bellied reputation in the office. Sister Borg loves to tease me about it. 

We certainly have our share of JW experiences. There are all different sorts, just like there are Mormons. Some of them love to see us out working and consider us part of their team against sin. Others won´t respond even if we just say hi as we go by. In our old house they passed by about once a week, and some tried to share a scripture before running (sometimes literally running) away from our house. Many of them are quite afraid of us. I don´t want to know what their preacher tells them. I have always wondered what it would be like to have an experience similar to yours. I had never noticed them in the states. Then again, I hardley noticed our own missionaries in the states.

I´ve got one question, were you nervous when you invited them in? 

I love you! 
Your son,
Elder Hicken

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