Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hola de la semana loca

Todo está bien aquí en la oficina!

Well this week has probably been my most crazy week in the office yet. We have done everything from run around the golf course to sit for hours in the airport. But while in the airport, who should we run into but Victor Hernandez and his family (my ward mission leader from Precursores with E´Castro) who were finally on their way to Rockland, CA. It was so great to wish them on their way-definitely a tender mercy for us as well as them. 

They are amazing people and their family has changed so much since when I got to their ward. It´s amazing to see how the Lord took them from trial to trial like a stepping stone trail (with the stepping stones sometimes seeming very close together if you ask them) until they could be led to their promised land. I´m so excited for them. While in my mission, I´ve never felt so much like family than I did with them. 

Big news: We got a new projector this week! It´s about as thick as a ream of paper, and runs wirelessly with our laptop. It´s pretty awesome.

Other big news, I did my first vicarious endowment for a family member! 

Outside the temple about to go through for Johan Simonson (my 4x great grandfather)

It was an interesting experience. It is so important to help our ancestors on their way to the celestial glory. I had the opportunity to feel like how one of them might feel, sitting outside of where great and sacred acts are brought about, wondering what was going on, why, and why everyone was so excited but at the same time focused on bringing to pass some important, urgent work. I felt so anxious to know, and to know how I could participate. Maybe I could help, but I didn´t know what to help do, or who to offer my service. Why didn´t I know what to do, or why? I know there are many people who are kept from the truth only because they know not where to find it in this world, but I am aware now that the number might be much larger in the spirit world. 

Here´s a picture of the office in front of the temple. Me, Elder Chatwin, Elder Vergara, Elder Cornejo, Elder Castro, Elder Gonzalez

We trained the new missionaries yesterday morning. I used a video that the President liked a lot. 

This morning I tried a new food! Fried banana with cheese. It was pretty good! I didn´t ask for the recipie though, sorry. 

Thanks for everything you do! I love you!
 me eating a pela-pop (never seen that before, have you?)

  E´castro and I with a monkey (which punched me in the face shortly beforehand) 
in Gamarra this morning.

Love, Elder Hicken

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