Friday, August 29, 2014

Re: Parent's letter

It´s Pday today because tomorrow we have our meeting with Elder Soares  . 

Thanks for the pictures.  Everyone looks so different. It´s amazing how things change in just two years. 

Renen is into swimming AND diving! Awesome! I hope he doesn´t expect to be amazing at either. It's a choice between being a star, or a jack of all trades. I decided a little late that I like being a jack. I'm super excited to record with him! I´ll have to ask him how the sound studio is going.

Speaking of one thing that has changed, I like even MORE food than before. We just ate Subway, including lettuce, cucumbers, and jalapenos. Now I´m drinking apple juice. (which is called crazy water here, if you didn´t already know) I eat everything, hasta las patas.

When does marching band go into full swing? What´s the show this year again? Finals are in September or November, right?

Well, I´ve got to agree that the more people I become in charge of, the more "unplanned" my days get. We actually struggle to make time to plan because it is so rare that anything we plan less than a few hours in advance actually happens. That also means that we bring to pass changes al toque . For example, we´ve been talking about a few elders who could be the next personal secretary.  Yesterday we met with the President, he asked us if we were ready to make a decision, and we gave Elder Chatwin a call. He was in the office by 3pm yesterday, moved into our room at night, and now he´s being trained. Crazy.

I love the scripture! Thanks!

Love, your son,
Elder Hicken

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