Saturday, August 9, 2014

Letter to the Family

First of all, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! On the 8th I heard one of those songs in spanish that Dad gave you for Christmas so long I can´t remember how it goes, but it set off a spark in my heart and lit a little fire inside.

Mi compañero Elder Castro es increíble [is incredible]. Lo amo tanto, y me ayuda, y me ha ayudado tanto volverme más como Cristo. [I love him so much; he helps me, and helps me come to be more like Christ.]  The travel is just fine, we go all over the mission every week, but it takes only an hour to get from the office to any part of the mission. Many times less if there isn´t any traffic. 

 The office is great, because I finally don´t have red tape to do what I´ve always wanted to do. And it's normally really stressful, but somehow I´m less stressed right now, and maybe more patient than I have ever been in my whole life. It´s incredible. Elder Castro is my best friend, and I know he loves me to death. I think that has a lot to do with how comfortable I feel. I also get to be with the President a whole bunch. I see him almost every day. The only thing that is sad is that it´s been almost 2 weeks since I´ve taught my own investigator. We don´t have them. We don´t have a sector, well kind of, but we share it with 2 of the secretaries.

Well it´s great to know that Luke was born! I think I found out that Tauna was embarazada [pregnant] two weeks ago...

Love the shirt Renen! We got permission from the President to watch videos from family, could you send me them? Super excited for my Hicken shirt! My old one´s out of date....

Speaking of knowing people. Do you know President Hawking? He served as temple president here in Peru a few years back. I think he lives in CoSprings, but he works in the temple. I have yet to meet President Grow, but I´ll have the opportunity when he speaks to our mission at the end of the month with Elder Christofferson (the Apostle, who is coming to speak to our mission. Later on we find out who he´s going to eat lunch with....) And the mission office for Lima Este is a little far from here, but if I see the President, I´ll tell him "hi"!

I´ll prepare to send a little explanation about a snapshot of the life of an AP, but every day is so different. Nothing is ever the same, and nothing is ever like we plan it to be! It´s a life of fancy footwork and strong toe muscles (from being on them literally 24/7).

Lily! I don´t remember how I lost my teeth, but I kept them in a little lego box to keep them safe after I had cleaned them off well. I´m glad you like legos!

Mom! I loved reading your mission journal! 12 baptismal interviews sounds like the end of the world! Please send more! I love to hear! I´m going to try to get our ward to do a treasure hunt!

I love you! Thank you for all your support and love!

Love, Elder Hicken

Today we went to Gamarra! 

We found my restaurante. Sr. Pollo. 

My companion´s birthday is the 14th and his mom sent him money
...from my country
...that I´ve never seen

And I´m starting to cook otra vez!

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