Monday, July 14, 2014

Hola de la semana más rápida de mi vida [fastest week of my life]

Todo está bien aquí en Precursores!

It´s short this week, sorry!

Elder Burgos is like trying to work with my other half. It´s like nothing Ive ever done before. I´m actually really happy, and really grateful for him, and what he does for our sector. I´m doing my best to help him be the best zone leader, or at least help him know how to become so.

Just a quick favor, I´d love to buy a new suit. The one that I bought in Mr. Mac started to fray in the MTC...along with the shoes. Here in Lima there´s a John Holden factory and sells suits fresh off the line for 100-200 soles. I´d also love to buy a painting from my ward mission leader, who is going to move to California in September, and is selling all of his work to raise money for the trip. I´m thinking about asking him to paint something especially for me. Any ideas? He said that he was selling them to his clients for about 100 soles.

On a more spiritual help plea, Dad, I need help with regards to missionary correlation. Nobody knows a good way to organize it, and much less when there are 4 or 6 missionaries present, each with 15 families to save. We´re doing our best, but I was struck by the lightning of revelation that you´re a ward mission leader and I can ask you for help! Any suggestions? Maybe an agenda that you´ve used?

I love the work in family history! It´s incredibly motivating, and I´ve finally found the feeling of ´apresurar´ [hastening] that I´ve been looking for since we split the mission more than a year ago!

I´m still yet to receive any stories about how Christ has made light your burdens! Don´t tell me you're all heavy laden and weary! If you can´t think of an occasion when your burden was made light, say a quick prayer and tell Heavenly Father that you need one quick so you can write me this coming Monday! Ask him to help you see opportunities for you to let Christ ease your burden. I promise that he is willing, and that he is waiting. Don´t be late!

Favorite video of the week:

The work is incredible, and even though Peru isn´t as outright about it, the church is exploding! We split the ward in half last month, and we´re alredy talking about asking for more missionaries. 4 missionaries just isn´t enough. We need so much help from the members. It´s hard to find time to talk with my companion sometimes because we are always on splits with members from the ward!

Love, Elder Hicken

Hurrah for Israel!

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