Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hola de la mitad

Hola Presidente!

Todo está bien aquí en Precursores!

This week we trained the zone in everything we were taught on Tuesday in the Mission Leader´s Conference! Sister Belt and Sister Anderson (our Sister Training Leaders) helped us by talking about how the work of salvation is a work of love, with regards to our companions, the members, our investigators, and our ancestors. The zone has a goal to finish with their 2nd generation in the ´My Family´ pamphlet by this Sunday so that they will be prepared for the HC´s when they come to teach us the 18th. Elder Viñoles (our senior district leader) taught us about how to set goals, and how to achieve them. The zone gave us great feedback, and they seem to be very excited, even though many of them are going through hard trials.

This week we caught a dove!
And this picture is from the Isasi family, Piarella. She´s 11.

As I gain experience, it gets easier to see the future, but it never seems easier to do anything about it.

One thing I have learned while being in the mission is about the character of Christ. I want to be like him. It´s incredible how wonderful life is when one really focuses their entire life on becoming like him. One thing that I¨ve learned to always ask myself is if I am a blessing or a burden. When I call my leaders to ask for help, I ask my self how I can be a blessing for them in this moment. When I call my missionaries to verify their work, I ask myself how I can bless, not burden them. It has been one of the biggest changes in my life, and I believe it all started with something Dad taught me: whenever you go to a meeting or meet with someone important, always make sure that by the time you leave, they are glad that you were there. I always try to make people really, truly glad that I am there to help them, and never feel like life would be easier if I weren´t there to bug them about an assignment, or get after them for not doing something.

I hope you like my english I´ve started to use google translate to be able to speak better. 

Our zone has high goals. Actually we´ve been the zone with the highest goals for more than 4 months, and it´s not going to be easy to help our missionaries reach them, but we have the same faith as Nephi when he boldly proclaimed: I will go, I will do.  

Love, Elder Hicken

Hurrah for Israel!

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