Monday, March 24, 2014


Todo está bien aqui en Precursores!

Estamos viendo milagros aqui! [We are seeing miracles here!]  There isn´t time to write or read them all, but here´s the low down. 

Apart that we have 8 children of God with a set goal for baptism, 7 of which were there at church, and progressing rapidly, they each have their miracle story. I just want to share one of them.

Rodrigo is 23 and lives with his single mother and grandmother. Years ago he met a member of the church while working, but later lost contact. After several years, they reencountered recently in a plane, flying out of Lima. In the conversacion [conversation], she shared that she was working to be able to serve a mission--the church topic was out of the bag. Rodrigo, being a less active Catholic, was enchanted by the feeling of joy that his friend always seemed to feel, and asked if he could go to church some time. She invited him to her farewell talk (she has been called to serve in Temple Square). After church, as he was walking home with his mom, he passed us by [and] couldn´t resist a prompting to talk to us. He expressed his surprise on having encountered us, and that it must be a sign of something good. We set up a return appointment, and taught him the basics of the plan of salvacion [salvation] and the doctrine of Christ. He excitedly accepted the invitation to be baptised, and we set up a date for the 19th before commiting him to pray with all his heart to know if he should be baptised. The next morning he sent us a message expressing his positive feelings, and in the afternoon he ran in to the sister missionaries! He called us and we expressed mutual suprise, and invited him to read the pamphlet on the Restauracion [Restoration ... switching spanish for english is a good sign for a missionary being immersed in the language!]. The next day, on his way to work, he ran into the Elderes from La Libertad! He called us to express, once again, his surprise, and his feeling that God is putting all the pieces in place to help him know that we will guide him to his presence. We are excited to meet with him again this week and help his mother want to follow his example.

In the Work of Salvacion, not only our investigators are progressing, but our ward! Our ward council has been fantastically effective the past two weeks, and our missionary correlacion [correlation] is improving drastically. Our stake is very strong, thanks to the Relief Society, but the Priesthood pillar is hanging by a string. We hope to start the home teaching program this transfer in our own ward, and help the other wards to do the same. 

As zone leaders, Elder Castro and I have decided to focus our efforts in two main areas: (1) punctuality and (2) motivation. We want to keep a level of trustful respect between us and our district leaders, and the district leaders and their missionaries. Especially in a zone with many sister missionaries. We also want to comply with our responsibility to not only supervisar [supervise], or motivar [motivate], sino elevar, animar, inspirar, y bendecir [but also to uplift, enthuse, inspire, and bless]. Our main goal, is efficiently communicate ´la vista del presidente´ [the president's vision] that we recieve by way of the assistants.

Gracias por todo!

Elder Hicken

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