Monday, March 17, 2014

Hola de St Patrick's day

 Hola Presidente!

Todo está bien aquí en Precursores!

Everything seems to be taking a turn for the better. I feel much more comfortable as zone leader than at the beginning of the change. The worst part is how the whole change we haven´t finished our full hour and a half of internet. 

Other than that, our zone is picking up pace! Thank you for your help, we´re looking forward to changes next week!

Love, Elder Hicken

Hurrah for Israel!

Sé que maldito es el que hace de la carne su brazo, o que confíe en su propio habilidad. La carne es nuestra debilidad y será hasta que sea purificada. No podemos fortalecerlo hasta perfección, sino podemos dejarlo en el alcanzo de la Expiación. Este semana fortalecí mi testimonio do lo esencial que es la fe para el progreso. A través de actos de fe, vayamos cumpliendo con el plan de salvación. Sé que sin un plan nuestra fe (1-deseo) nunca se concentra(2) y entonces nuestras obras(3) son ineficaces. Así que enflaqueceremos la prueba(4) y no veremos milagros(5). Pero con planes, saldremos exitosos con los milagros que mereceremos. Solo al pasar la prueba de fe viene los milagros. Con fe tan fuerte como nosotros tenemos pruebas fuertes, lo cual nos brinda milagros grandes!

Les amo a todos!

[I know that cursed is he who puts his trust in the arm of the flesh, or who trusts in his own ability.  The flesh is our weakness and it will be until we are purified.  We can not strengthen it ourselves unto perfection, rather we need to leave it in the reach of the atonement.  This week my testimony has been strengthened about how essential faith is for our progress.  Through acts of faith, we will fulfill the plan of salvation.  I know that without a plan our faith (1-desire) never is focused (2) and the then our works (3) are ineffective.  This is how we reduce the test (4) and do not see miracles (5).  But with plans, we will succeed with the miracles that we deserve.  Just  pass the test of faith and then come the miracles.  With faith as strong as we have strong evidence, that faith will bring grand miracles!  I love you all!]

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