Monday, February 24, 2014


Todo está bien aquí en Precursores!

It´s been a crazy week, and honestly the lack of sleep has caught up with me. We´ve been up too late passing logros [passing off goals], writing in journals, and talking about the needs of investigators and missionaries. We´ve set a companionship goal to improve on our bedtime. We also want to be more punctual in all aspects.

We´ve got people on date once again!

The Isasi family is the greatest. They were a reference from a member because their house caught on fire. We visited them and they are golden. They are planning to be baptized the 15th. Candy, the mother, has a serious disease, but is recovering very quickly after a priesthood blessing.  Our bishop is helping us out and has organized the Elders Quorum to do a service project in their home and look for a wheelchair for Candy.
Teresa is the grandmother of a less active that is starting to reactivate. She has been very catholic in the past, but we are helping her feel the spirit, and she confessed to us this week that she has the desire to be baptized on the 8th.

Juan is the spouse of a recently reactivated sister in our ward. He can´t read, and understands on a childlike level. We are trying our best to help them get married next week, and understand the principles of the gospel so Juan can be baptized the 15th.

Elder Castro sliced his hand open helping the Isasi family this past thursday. 
He got 10 stitches. I was on exchanges with another Elder, so I didn´t see it happen. 

While he was in the hospital he taught 7 lessons to doctors, nurses, and people waiting to be helped in the emergency room. (he waited for 1 1/2 hours to be helped).

 He is recovering very well, and the hardest part is keeping him from overexerting. 

 He is teaching me more than I could realize, and is helping me to see my strengths, more than anything, which builds my faith. 
We are as united as two teenage boys endowed with power from on high can be. We work like friends, because we are. We laugh when it´s time to laugh, and we work when it´s time to work. Elder Castro has taught me how to work with goals in the mission. I always thought the point of a goal was to reach it. Now I understand that the point of a goal is to increase product. We are improving every day, and learning even more. I am truly grateful for the Lord´s hand in my life these past weeks.

This week I had an exchange with a district leader in his sector. He is getting ready to return to his home, and my goal was to help him focus his thoughts: think of home when it is time to think of his home, and think of the mission when it is time to think of the mission. As we discussed, our thoughts turned to talk about how to change faith into power. It is a profound subject. Scriptures to study regarding such a topic, and how to apply it in our lives, or especially in the mission field, are more than welcome.

Sé que nunca habrá una oferta en bendiciones. Hay precios eternos preestablecidos para este vida y el momento preciso no significa que no tenemos que esforzarnos tal comolos otros momentos. Sé que nuestra tarea es demasiado grande para cumplir solo. Necesitamos la ayuda del Salvador. Y esa es la clave cuan dispuestos estemos de buscar y recibir esa ayuda. Sé que uno de nuestros responsabilidades es lograr metas dignas. Cuando somos dignos, logramos metas dignos. Sé que Dios nos ama muchisimo, y que conoce los sementinos mas tiernos de nuestros corazones. Cuando somos humildes nos manda demuestros de este amor para motivarnos y ayudarnos a progresar Se que dios nos conoce perfectamente y que a medida que estemos orando nos consagre nuestra acción para el beneficio de nuestras almas.El Libro de mormón is la clave de nuestra religión, y si no lo compartimos, lo olvidamos. Compartalo!

[I know that blessings never "go on sale".  There are pre-established eternal prices for this life and the exact moment doesn't mean that we don’t have to put forth the effort as much as in other moments.There are eternal prices preestablished for this life and the precise moment does not mean that we don't have to put forth as much effort as in other moments.  I know that our work here is too big to complete on our own.  We need the help of our Savior.  And the key is how willing we are to seek and receive His help.  I know that one of our responsibilities is to achieve worthy goals.  When we are worthy, we meet those worthy goals.  I know that God loves us so much, and that He knows the deepest feelings of our hearts.  When we are humble He sends us manifestations of this love to motivate us and help us progress.  I know that God knows us perfectly and that as we pray, He consecrates our action for the benefit of our souls.  The Book of Mormon is the keystone to our religion, and if we don't share it, we will forget it.  Share it!]

Thank you for your faith! I love you!
Love, Elder Hicken
Hurrah for Israel!

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