Monday, February 3, 2014

Hola del dedo malchancado

Todo està bien aquí en Jorge Chavez!

Today we went to the foot doctor to get my foot all fixed up. 
[Looks like an ingrown toe-nail, Poor Guy!]

It feels a whole lot better already. One of those experiences where you don`t know what you`ve been missing until you get `updated` and realize that it would have been a whole lot easier to be proactive in the first place. I have been learning that lesson a lot recently. Actually, I`ve come to the conclusion time and time again, that there is absolutely no reason to abstain from being proactive. 

One way that I`ve learned that lesson this week is with Bryan, one of our investigators who was on date to be baptized this past week. During the week we learned that his evangelical family had no idea that we were meeting with the intention to do more than just talk. So when he invited his sister to his baptism, the whole plan went kaput. His mom, who was on vacation, came back home and now won`t let us near him. We`ve talked to him twice in the street, but it would have been more efficient to have talked with the family when we set him on date. We`ve got a project ahead of us.

We had three members of an unmarried family on date as well, but they have a habit of going to the beach every Sunday that we have yet to break. We will be visiting them this week to reestablish a Spiritual Progress Plan with them.

Our one on date is Josuè--the 9 year old son of a less active family we discovered underneath the rocks. He went to church with his mom yesterday, and his dad told us that if they don`t give him Sundays off this week, he`s going to quit. The family has got a lot to change, but is humble enough to obtain it.

Elder Pinedo is doing great. He is ready to train. He`s training me, actually. We`ve learned a lot together as we`ve worked in this ward. We`re prepared for whatever the Lord has in store for us this week, whether it`s staying together, leaving, or being left. 

Sè que no hay excepciones, solo casos especiales. Los Principios no cambian con cada persona, sino la manera de aplicárselas. No hay preparación para superar aprendizaje, ni ganas al testimonio. Sè que estamos en el evolución delcumplimento de los tiempos. Dios es un Dios de Progresión sempiterno, y estamos bien cerca del fin de este etapa. Se que los pensamientos y caminos de Dios no so nuestros, el etapa enterado en todo, y sobreobserve nuestro profeso, meticulosamente probando nuestra fe y perdonando nuestros errores. Sè que es posible lograr la perfección, pero solo hay una manera cual es el plan de salvación. Sè que dios no prueba en las maneras mas difíciles para nosotros, como el tiempo, la diligencia, y la perseverancia. Si escudriñamos la palabra de Dios, estos se volverán en herramientas para nuestro progreso espiritual. Este semana aprendí que la fe es una confianza que por medio de la Expiación será cada error borrado, cada alma alzado, y cada labio temblante tranquilizado.

[I know that there are no exceptions, only special cases.  Gospel Principles do not change with each person, rather the manner in which they are applied.  There is no preparation to being overcome with learning or gaining a testimony.  I know that we are in the unfolding of the fullness of times.  God is a God of eternal progression, and we are very near the end of this stage.  I know God's ways and thoughts are not our ways  (see Isaiah 55:8). He is aware of everything, and he observes our progress, meticulously tests our faith, and forgives our errors.  I know that it is possible to achieve perfection, but there is only one way which is the plan of salvation.  I know that God tests us in the ways that are most difficult for us, such as in time, diligence, and perseverance.  If we search the word of God, this will become tools for our spiritual progress.  This week I learned that faith is a confidence that through the atonement each error will be erased, each soul lifted, and each trembling lip calmed.]

Thanks for everything you`re doing to bring to pass the work and glory of God!

I love you!

Elder Hicken

Hurrah for Israel!

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