Monday, December 30, 2013

Hola de terminar primer cambio aqui

Todo está bien en Jorge Chavez!

Well things didn´t go too hot this week, and we mainly spent all day every day in the street, looking for people to teach, and teaching them, but not ever getting inside. We´re hoping to have better success finishing this upcoming week, after new years and everything. As for now, we´ve got to pass the trial of faith with valor and honor.

I´m short on time, here´s some blurps;

 Elder Pinedo and I in the Cangalaya Home
Elder Pinedo asleep as I redo the whiteboard

Elder Pinedo "driving" the Reyes's car to its parking spot while we push

I was reading old letters: Paul teaches in the MTC?

Lily, have you seen the TV show pepa the pig?

Cammie and Rachel? and Joseph? Are they still on their missions? They´re still alive, right?

Wherever you go, everybody asks the missionaries: "Cuantos con fecha?" Or, How many investigators on date?!

Make everything you do a way of preparing to go to the temple!

I love you!

Yo sé [I know].

Love, Elder Hicken

Hurrah for Israel!

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