Monday, December 2, 2013

Hola de Jorge Chavez

Todo esta bien aqui en Jorge Chavez!

 Yep, still district leader, and finishing E' Pinedo's training from E' Garzon. An elder that I knew who finished his mission.

 This week has been great, but a little rough at the same time. My companion has been sick since Thursday, so I've been spending a lot of time not getting to know my new sector. I also wasn't able to attend church this Sunday, so I don't know very many of the members. But Sunday afternoon I met several who came to check on us, because the bishop announced that my companion was sick. We did divisions so that I could accompany the Elders Quorum president to visit several members of the quorum. Bit by bit I'm getting to know my way around.

 Other than that, my companion is awesome. He makes me forget he is new. I've been doing my best to teach him, and he tries his best to learn. I know he is going to work hard when I leave him to his next companion, and I know I can trust him to carry on the work.

 We haven't been able to get out and work with investigators since Wednesday, so we're not doing so well with that half of the work. We've got one 8 year old who's the grandson of a member, and he just needs his permission actually signed to be counted as on date. Other than that, we've got to find new people to teach! I don't know where the missionaries spent their time, because there really wasn't anything happening in this sector, but I'm excited to turn things around, and add to the 'giro eterno' que es la obra del Señor.

 Here's the plan with captions. I don't ever have time on P-day to do them, So during the week, when I have a little moment to delete the pictures on my camera, I'll write the captions down on a paper before deleting them. Then on pday, I can take a picture of the paper, and there you'll have 'em!

 Real quick, can you send me where our ancestry comes from? And what is the meaning of the word telestial? What roots does it come from? Thanks a ton! I Love you! Elder Hicken Hurrah for Israel!

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