Monday, November 11, 2013

Quick Letter

Well things didn´t really go as planned today. I´ve only got a minute. But I wrote a handwritten letter all throughout the day today, so you´ll get that in a week or two.

This week has been good, but way too fast. We just got back from Pucusana late, and I´ve got 15 minutes to write before 6 pm. It is very hard to be righteous. It is even harder to be an example unto the righteous. I can´t believe how fast this week became very stressful, all due to trying to do the work of the Lord on our own terms.

I´m working on becoming a better district leader, trainer, companion, missionary, and above all, servant of God. It´s hard, but rewarding. Right now I´m focusing on dilligence and patience. And trying to maintain the two in balance and equalibrium. Bit by bit, I´ll figure it out. It takes a lot of practice.

We have hit a pretty big problem with Francisco. We´ll do our best to turn to the Lord as much as possible. He´s done miracles for Francisco before, he can do it again. Claudia just told us she doesn't feel ready quite yet, and so we´ll have to keep working with her as well. We have to do something so she can attend church.

Excitement is developing about transfers. I promised one of the members in my ward I would ask the president to think twice before transferring me. I can´t decide if I want to stay here or if I want to go. There´s a lot of pros and a lot of cons on both sides. I´m glad it´s not my decision.

I feel like E´Casanova is going to bring about big changes in the stake here. I hope the leaders will follow the spirit and take heed to his ´call to repentance´. He has a very good way of being direct, to the point, and precise. Meaning that there is no confusion in what needs to be done. 

Thanks for all the letters this week! Sorry I´m not going to be able to read them!

I love you!

Elder Hicken

Hurrah for Israel!

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