Monday, November 18, 2013

Hola de mi cambio

Well the time has come! I´m finally getting changed! So I´m spending a lot of time today getting the pictures off other Elder´s camera cards, because I lost about 150 pictures when my USB got a virus.

Anyway, todo está bien aqui en San Silvestre!

Well after many fervent prayers on my behalf, asking for the Lord´s will to be done, I´m leaving my hometown Las Flores to start fresh in a new ward. I´m very excited to finish training another missionary, and I hope to be able to adjust to the new program rapidly.

This week has been pretty hard, but pretty good. We had a family referred to us by the other Elders in our ward, and they are awesome. The Rosales family. Raquel is a single mother with 5 kids, all above the age of 8. 4 of them are planning to be baptized on the 14th of December, one more should be joining them shortly, but wastn´t present when we invited the rest, and the last one works a lot, and we have yet to teach her. Due to canceled meetings this weekend because of voting here in Lima, it will be crucial that they attend church in two weeks in order to be baptized.

Elder Walstrohm seems confident in taking over SSII and helping his new companion get to know the Ward Council, especially the Bishop. They have an appointment to introduce his new companion Wednesday

Thanks for all the music and pictures! I´ll tell you all about my new sector next week! I´m working on the captioning pictures!

Elder Hicken

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