Monday, September 30, 2013

Ho...(hola, pero cortito [hola, but very short]

It´s going to be short this week! My computer got shut off and I lost everything... sorry!

Well Elder Walstrohm is doing great! Yesterday he told me as we walked to an appointment: 
     "Me encanta éste barrio...pero, ¡no puedo decirlo!" [I love this ward, but I can't say it]
     "¿Porque no puede decirlo?" [Why can't you say it?]
     "Porque sí lo digo bastante, ¡me van a cambiar!" [Because if I say it too much, I'll get transferred!/

I´m so glad that he is learning to love the work, and especially that he is learning to love my ward. I do think of it as my ward, as I´ve seen it grow so much. 

This past week has been full of the Spirit of Elijah. We´ve been teaching everyone we meet about family history, and our ward deemed September índexing month. Yesterday I fasted to receive revelation for my sector, and I realized that the Lord had answered my fast through my own actions while I was fasting. I am sure that the Lord wants his ward San Silvestre to focus on the Spirit of Elijah. At first my understanding was that we needed to focus on family history and indexing. But after eating dinner in the home of the second counselor in the bishopric, I came to understand that the spirit of Elijah is more than the living worrying about the dead; it also includes the young ones taking care of the elders. Our ward is focusing on helping the seminary students come to seminary. In order to do so, the primary kids are going to visit them and share their testimonies and sing hymns. What an inspired idea. Also, our ward recently was reorganized to have a new bishopric, all of which are young members. Our stake president as well is young. Our ward mission leader was baptized less than a year ago. The spirit of Elijahis what is making our ward work. 

The Lord is preparing for the second coming of our Savior.

Today we had a strict training on making better goals; goals that we can and WILL acheive. We have a goal to baptize Claudia and Francisco this coming month. This goal is a covenant with the Lord to do all we can to bring them to the waters of baptism. We are determined to be faithful to the salvation of those the Lord has given us.

Family history is the best! Work on it for me while I can´t! The new is the bomb! I don´t know who is doing the next family reunion, but make family history a big part of it! With how complete our family history is, we´ve got to start training the little ones now, so they´ll be talented enough to find the ancestors that we can´t, once they grow up! I promise that the blessings that will come will be so widespread and plenteous that you will not be able to keep track of them all, but when you make the attempt, you will be overcome with the love that our savior has for each and every one of us. You will be filled with the desire, energy, and ability to continue his work, and you will come to understand more plainly how important you are to your Father in Heaven.

Until next week!

Love, Elder Hicken

Hurrah for Israel!

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