Monday, September 23, 2013

Photos from Elder Hicken

...with captions to come hopefully next week (?) ...
or make up your own...that can be really fun.
Such as...
 "Tracting all day...Must escape the stinky feet"
"Our new apartment"
 "So much for No Food in the Library"
 "Feed the Birds, Toppins a bag..."
 "So, if I touch the pole here, I'll be translated?...riiight."
 "Olive...the other reidneer"
(I wish we could zoom in to see that dog!)
 "It's not caffeinated, I swear!"
 Preaching the gospel to all creatures of our God and King
 (I got this a volcano shot?)
 "I'll trade you a sandwich for that camera!"
 "YES!  I way out (notice the Salida sign).  These little people have been keeping us for days (notice the kid clutching his leg)"
 "Just a friendly game of rock, paper, scissors"
 "The Peruvian solution to Road Rage...use your inside voice"
"Studying Lehi's dream"
 "It's called Petro there a reason it's so vacant?"
 "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe"
 "So Booth was standing where?"
 "My closest thing to Peanut Butter"
"Excuse Me, Excuse Me, Excuse Me, WILL YOU LET ME OUT OF HERE!"
"I found this letter, signed with my name and everything.  What a coincidence."

...or something like that.  You can add your ideas in the comments.

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