Monday, July 22, 2013

Hola de un semana de agua

All is well here in San Silvestre II! We had a baptism this week, and everything went wonderfully!
We had a wonderful Zone Meeting and training this morning, where Elder Claros (our new zone leader) taught us about planning efficiently to help our investigators keep commitments. It must have been inspired, because it´s exactly what E´Gaete and I needed. We hope to see great progression in these next few weeks with our investigators progressing and keeping commitments as we apply what we have learned from Elder Claros.

The assistants to the President called today and asked for me to train them in Excel. I immediately thought about the part in my Patriarchal Blessing that says that the Lord is mindful of me, I will have the opportunity to serve my leaders in the mission, because as far as I know, they had no idea that I had computer background, but they called and asked for me somehow. The Lord surely is mindful.
[Brent asked Talon for input as he was asked to give a small report on Talon's mission thus far in their home ward's sacrament meeting.  Among relaying experiences already shared in his letters, Talon included this:]  I would like to advise all families that Preach my Gospel is a guide to conversion. If you want conversion, its got the instructions. Conversion for yourself, conversion for your children, friends, coworkers, whoever. We should be using it much more than I think any of us are, missionaries, leaders, families, everyone. Especially for FHE.
       I didn´t realize that in the mission there is absolutely no spare study time. I have lists of hours and hours of things to study that I´ve encountered in the mission, and I havent had a chance to study anything I wanted to study before my mission. Before serving a mission, study everything you can possibly think of, because there just isn´t time in the field. Or in the MTC either.
       Living with a companion 24-7...I don´t really know. All its taught me is that I am really grateful that I get to choose my wife. Unlike my companions. The key is communication. Especially open communication about things. Just things. The ability to talk about whatever is bastante importante. [extremely important].
        Member missionary involvement, ask the missionaries who they are teaching nearby, and offer your houses to meet in, or offer to bring them to church, or something specific that you can find in preach my gospel. The key is that missionaries are great and everything, but they are a temporary fix until Christ comes, when all members are missionaries. We are shooting for Zion, so why not start now? Take over the missionaries' job! Do it! They wont mind!
A picture is worth a thousand words!
Map of the Mission


Ashley, before her baptism.
Yes, before her baptism which is why she isn't smiling yet.
Just Kidding.

That's the path??
Yep, that's the path!

Object lesson in District Meeting
[can you guess the object lesson?]

New cover photo for FaceBook!

It's my trainer's last exchange.
I won't see him until I go to Santiago!

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